Difference Between Sun Sign And Moon Sign

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Difference Between Sun Sign And Moon Sign

There is a kind of curiosity among people to know regarding zodiac signs and discover more. Usually, folks try to know about their correct sun sign (zodiac sign), their moon sign and its impact on their lives. Interestingly the level of their excitement rises up when they come across something relevant. There are lots of websites which provide details and facts interconnected with the folks and their zodiac signs. In this content, I have given a clear picture of the basic difference between sun sign and moon sign.

a) Sun Sign and its Impact

When a person takes birth, the position of the sun will be in one of the 12 zodiac signs. The sign where the sun has taken its position turn out to be the person’s sun sign. Each and every sign of 12 zodiac signs are ruled by a planet. The sign aids a definite set of specialties and uniqueness. The person taking birth under a sign robotically obtains all that characteristics of the particular sign that describe the appearance and qualities of that person.

For example, Leos are ruled by sun and because of this those people who have their zodiac sign as Leo turn out to be strong leaders with lots of confidence, enthusiasm etc. They get all these characteristics from sun, their master king.

b) Moon sign and its Impact

The position of moon at the time a person takes birth is actually considered as Moon sign. Moon administer on the mind and emotion of a person. Moon’s sign will display the internal self of the person. Furthermore, if a person has its moon sign as Gemini than the person will acquire the characteristics of Gemini along with the features of any of the birth stars which fall under the category of Gemini.

c) Basic Difference Between Sun sign and Moon sign

Sun sign depends upon date of birth and sun’s movement during the birth of person. On the other hand, Moon sign depends on date, place and time of birth. After calculating astrologically, the moon sign and sun sign can be gained. A person’s personality, his lifestyle, and aspects related with his daily behavior will be influenced by sun sign prediction. On the other side, the moon sign will deal with the emotions and feelings of a person and his subconscious mind.

d) Other Aspects

Predictions concerning sun sign are very general. Predictions concerning moon sign are complex and accurate. Predictions concerning sun sign do not consider other planets and their positions. Predictions concerning moon sign consider other planets and nakshatras.

A person’s destiny is directed by both sun and Moon. Both of these signs play a vital role. Still, predictions with respect to moon sign are accurate, complicated and detailed. Due to this, moon sign is admired highly by various astrologers and scientists in astrological fields.

A day is always connected with a night as just after a day there is a night and vice versa. Technically, an astrological report is concerned with sun sign or a zodiac sign as well as moon sign.

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