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Depression Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Depression Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Depression is a mental disorder where a person finds himself in alow mood and avoid to actively participate in any activity that can affect his behavior, feelings, thoughts, and sense of well-being. Which means a depressed person can be very dangerous for himself and the people around him. People usually have a lot of misconception related to depression.

People think as if a depressed person is fit and just has to get out of trauma, they think that depression isn’t a real illness. In fact, depression is a complex mental health disorder which can be originated from a lot of sources like social, psychological or biological influences.

This illness is so dangerous that no anti-depressants can alone cure depression. A person who is suffering from depression needs to have some psychotherapy along with the medication. And if someone thinks that you can just snap out of it, as if it is a game so it just doesn’t happen that easily.

Depression affects a lot of parts of your body. Starting from top to bottom, let’s take a look at what all places do depression affects:

1. Brain

Because of depression people often find themselves empty which is a major symptom of depression. People often find themselves awake throughout the night or in other words insomnia is another symptom of depression. When a person is depressed he even trouble remembering things and sometimes his is completely clouded. The last and the most dangerous of all symptoms is that a depressed person develops a suicidal tendency.

2. Heart

A depressed person has a much more risk of heart attack, according to a fact depressed people are more likely to be killed by a heart attack. As a person finds himself alone even when he is surrounded by people.

3. Stomach

The fluctuation in weight is also a symptom of depression, where a person does not like to eat anything and loses weight very quickly.

4. Nervous system

Depression creates a lot of nervous issues:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Increased Pain sensations
  • Gets tired quickly
  • Immune system is weakened drastically

5. Genitalia

An issue like loss of interest in your day to day activities is something very common with people who are suffering fromdepression. Even sensitive feeling like sex doesn’t help the person.

Depression is a very dangerous disease which doesn’t just affect your health mentally but puts a major stress on your physical and social health as well.

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