Denmark’s Katrine Holmsnæs dances on popular Indian game show

Denmark’s Katrine Holmsnæs dances on popular Indian game show

Dancing has always been in Katrine Holmsnæs’ blood. From the time she was just a child growing up in Copenhagen, she most enjoyed spending her time moving along to some music, arranging choreography for her friends to perform with her. As she grew, and began watching MTV, her dream of being a dancer only intensified. She knew one day she too would dance for the masses.

“I remember as a kid my mom was always bringing me to these dance events and I loved it.

As a 12-year-old, I attended the famous Wallmans Dinnerparty in Copenhagen for the first time, and there were many amazing dancers and singers. It was that moment when I realized you could actually make a career out of dancing and performing, and since that time I started training even harder because I knew that was something I wanted to pursue,” she says.

Holmsnæs has worked on many prolific projects throughout her career, reaching across all of Europe. These include the 2018 ABOUT YOU Awards in Munich where she performed with German rapper Bausa, the popular Danish reality show Sonny, Dance & Star Dream, and touring with Denmark’s star Sigmund Trondheim. However, it isn’t just in Europe where millions would recognize Holmsnæs, she also spent time in India, dancing for the opening of the country’s popular game show 10 Ka Dum.

“I wanted to work on this show as it was such a big experience coming on set in India. It is completely different from anything we know in the Western culture. I was so happy experiencing it and knowing that it was hosted by Selman Khan, who is the most famous Bollywood actor in India. I was almost starstruck when he came on to set,” says Holmsnæs.

10 Ka Dum is an Indian version of the popular international reality game show Power of 10, and aired on Sony Entertainment Television (India). The host, popular Bollywood actor Selman Khan, poses a set of questions to the participants, who attempt to answer correctly. There are two rounds of the quiz and two participants compete against each other to win the coveted prize.

“Everything on this show was so colorful. The music was really happy, and even though I heard it a million times throughout the day, I still did not get tired of it. The whole show was very funny and I enjoyed performing alongside such well-known and professional people in such a hectic environment,” says Holmsnæs.

As a primary dancer, Holmsnæs was vital for the show’s entertainment value and making it a visual spectacle, as she was part of the opening which brings viewers into the show, encouraging them not to change the channel. She had to back up what Khan was doing, as she worked in the front line of dancers, and the other girls followed what she did. Holmsnæs therefore always made sure to dance her best and put on the performance of her life every time she stepped in front of the camera.

“Being on 10 Ka Dum was so different to anything I have ever tried before. It was fun being on an Indian set. It was confusing at times because there were so many people in one place wanting us to do different things, but when we would figure it all out and begin it was amazing and I enjoyed standing in front of the camera performing with all the other girls so much. Standing next to Selman Khan and not being allowed to mess up was terrifying, but also just such an amazing rush,” she says.

10 Ka Dum was very popular for its 3 season run, and was one of the most popular shows in India at the time. Holmsnæs looks back at the experience fondly, happy to have been part of a show with such international success.

“I actually have never really thought about how many people watched this until right now. When a show does well in India, that is pretty crazy because of how big their population is, so knowing so many people around the world have seen my work is pretty crazy and amazing,” she concludes.

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