Decorate Your Home As Per Architectural Arms

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Decorate Your Home As Per Architectural Arms

Every one wishes to have a happy and peaceful home. But, decorating the house with color patterns, attractive items, and expensive things is really not enough. If you wish to have positive vibes in your house along with love, success and wisdom then you must focus on architectural arms while decorating your house. A correct color on the wall with correct direction creates long-lasting effects on the members living in the house.

From ancient times, people are using some of the other facts of architectural arms to gain positivity in their houses. Moreover, with the passing of time, beliefs had become stronger among the mankind. In this article, I have given some fundamental ideas on architectural arms-related with home décor which will result fruitful.

Sculpture and Sceneries

If you are planning to add a painting or sculpture on the wall of your house, then you must focus on certain goals. As per the architectural arms, there are certain paintings which bring positive vibes in the house. Such as painting of feature having waterfall, flowers, rising of the sun, etc. A painting in which seven horses are running together is very good and brings success in the home. Beside this, there are paintings which must be avoided as they create negativity and fighting in the house. Such as painting of wars, or painting in which two people are fighting.


While planning to color your house, you must take the suggestion of professional consultant. Colors like white, green, blue and black are correct colors for the northern zone of your house. Colors like red and green are best for the southern zones as these colors bring healthy fire energy in your house. For coloring the walls on western zones, white and cream shades are right and for eastern zones, green, white and brown colors play an effective role. Colors can make or break problems and worries in your life. Hence, you must be extra careful while dealing with colors for the house.

Without Dust and Untidiness

If the house is not neat, clean and airy then there are chances of negativity to flow inside the house. You must keep the environment of the house free from any clutter and dust. The more the house will be neat and clean the more is the positive vibes will occupy the house. You must make good storage in your house and organize each and every fixation correctly to keep the house safe from all negative impacts.

Other Facts

You must never keep a cactus plant or bonsai tree or related plants in the house. You must never keep fountains and aquariums in the bedroom or study room. Any animal picture or painting like snake, vulture, eagle, owl, crow, pigeons, should be not kept in the house. Shoes and footwear should never be kept in the bedrooms. A family photo frame in which every person of the house is present and smiling happily should be kept in the living room.

There is heaps of information of architectural arms for decorating the house. You must be choosy and cautious while decorating your house as it is not just a fun or entertainment but it is also connected with the victory and failure of the members living in the house.

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