Dancer James Deane on performing at Parliament House and being a proud Australian

Dancer James Deane on performing at Parliament House and being a proud Australian

Growing up in Byron Bay, Australia, James Deane always knew he wanted to be a dancer. However, opportunities for dancers were very limited and there were very few dance classes available in such a small town. One of Deane’s happiest moments was when he moved to Brisbane to pursue his dance career. In Brisbane, there were several prominent dance schools and dance classes available every day. He found himself surrounded by skilled dancers and dance teachers in a supportive and friendly environment. He is still very grateful for that experience, and credits his time in Brisbane for allowing him to have the prominent career he has today.

Throughout his esteemed career, Deane has shown the world what he is capable of time and time again. He has danced in music videos for iconic artists like Jaden & Willow Smith, Bollywood’s Diljit Dosanjh and done creative dance work for international acts such as Enrique Iglesias, China’s Wei Chen and more. He has appeared in various films and television series, including Sardaar Ji 2 and Dance Academy The Movie, as well as commercials for renowned brands like Doritos. No matter the project, Deane is always keen to demonstrate his extraordinary talent and hip-hop dance skills.

“I love moving to the music and the exhilarating rush of being on stage. I love the satisfaction of executing a move with precision or melting smoothly through a move like butter when the music calls for it. As a professional dancer, I love bringing a performance that wows and inspires the audience,” he says.

A moment in Deane’s career that stands out for the dancer was dancing at Parliament House in Australia with prominent dance YouTuber Jayden Rodrigues. Deane is immensely proud to be an Australian and being asked to perform at Australia’s Parliament House for members of the Australian Parliament was a huge honor.

“This was just the most amazing experience. Australia’s iconic Parliament House, which sits high on Capital Hill, is the home to Australian politics and where all of the country’s big decisions are made. It was a surreal feeling to not just visit but to be invited to perform within its walls,” says Deane.

Jayden Rodrigues is one of Australia’s most popular YouTube dancers, and he and Deane had worked together on several projects in the past, well aware of Deane’s tremendous skill. They always work well together, and enjoy partnering up on various projects. When he was presented with the opportunity to perform at Parliament House, he knew he needed to have the country’s top talent alongside him. That is when he asked Deane to perform with him for the event.

"James is a charismatic, energetic professional and always brings positive energy to not only the performance but also the rehearsals. When I require dancers/talent for an event/production, James is always my first choice as he is reliable, dedicated and highly skilled as a dancer,” says Rodrigues. “James is dedicated to his craft and is forever evolving his skills as a dancer. He is very versatile in street, commercial and break dance, and can adapt to suit any style. Not only is he great as a dance teacher instructing a dance lesson but also as a freelance dancer/entertainer. His passion for dance is genuine and infectious. He is purely professional and highly sought-after in our industry."

From the moment Deane was offered the opportunity to perform at Parliament House, he began preparing for the performance. The set for Parliament House was a hip hop performance that required a dancer with quick choreography pick up skills and an ability to execute high level dance moves including some flips and tricks. As Deane specializes in hip-hop dancing, he was a perfect fit for the role and eager to impress in front of members of Parliament. Therefore, to begin preparing, he caught up with Rodrigues and his team at a dance studio in Sydney. Together, they worked on the choreography and rehearsed it to ensure they were all in sync and everything looked clean. On the day of the performance, they flew from Sydney to Australia’s capital city, Canberra. They rehearsed the choreography on stage during the tech run to make sure everything was perfect, and then it was show time. In the end, it was a flawless performance.

“Having the opportunity to perform with prestigious people such as Jayden Rodrigues and YouTube for members of Parliament was a great honor. I feel very proud to have been part of this project and I’m very happy it was such a success. Getting praise from the politicians after our performance was a huge accomplishment for me in my career,” Deane concludes.

Photo by Tim Woolf

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