Creativity Comes From A Conflict Of Ideas

Creativity Comes From A Conflict Of Ideas

In the world of creative thinking skills, there are many techniques through which a person can become better in his creative skills. Most powerful tool among all is a conflict of ideas. You can either mix two ideas and generate one brand new idea or ask yourself, again and again, to give different answers to one particular question.

What is creativity?

Creativity is basically a process of performing some task where old elements are produced into new, fresh and relevant ideas. In order to generate something unique by making connections between discrete facts is creativity. A person needs to be a good thinker for producing creative reality. But, creativity does not come easily. There is a need for lots of passion and commitment to gain the fruit of creativity.

Find Mistakes: a first step towards the crown of creative skill

Another important thing is that you should criticize your ideas. The more you will quarrel with your ideas, the more creative thinker you will be. People who love their creativity and innovation often lack in paying attention to generate greater features. Your errors and inaccuracy will show you the path towards the achievement. Whether you are a sketch maker, writer, chef, architect or anyone else, you will have to pass judgment on your key skills for the betterment.

Good IQ: a second step towards the crown of creative skill

According to the research work and studies done in the USA, it is found that people who have excellent IQ are more creative. Hence, to get the art of creativity in any field, you must have better IQ. You can start reading any magazine or novel to upgrade your IQ. You can even take healthy breakfast and lessen the workplace stress to boost your IQ. An improved and enhanced IQ will definitely make you more creative in your field.

Master on your thoughts: a third step towards the creative crown

You can do lots of experiments and broaden your imagination power to become creative. A practice of manufacturing good ideas from some old elements and imagination can make you better in terms of creativity. A disciplined way of thinking and producing it on the frame can help you to be creative.

Attend seminar or webinar: a fourth step towards the crown of creative skill

Another feature of creativity examples is going to a seminar or check out any webinar at home. Any crash course related with your subject helps a person in changing their outlook towards life and troubles related to it. Most of the time, the experience of an individual prove beneficial in facing challenges in life. Hence, any diploma, degree or seminar can encourage you to see the life from a different side.

Applying these four steps can surely make big changes in you. You can deal with any creative thing more correctly. Life is not about performing a daily routine in the same old fashion. But learning something new, trying out new skills, exploring and widening the area of imagination. Hence, a constant struggle with your own ideas is necessary to achieve the fragrance of creativity. People usually exercise with their skills to become a master in the field and become perfectly creative.

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