Usually, wedding cards is a certified trademark of the rituals and customs connected with marriage. Two people become a union in the sacred ritual of matrimony and their togetherness forever is celebrated in the form of wedding. During the celebration of marriage with all the frolic and felicity, a wedding card is the first impression given to the guests. Wedding cards in around million types are designed and decorated on the planet. People create different ideas to cherish their wedding occasion. In order to electrify their guests with all that enthusiasm about marriage, people even come up with creative wedding card boxes ideas.

1) Wooden Boxes with artistic work on it

Wedding cards can be kept in wooden boxes. A layer of wood can be cut from between and a hole can be made in the wood. The outer layer of wood can be decorated with artistic work. This wooden piece can be utilized as wedding card box. Indians mean wedding cards as a representative of blessings and customs. Hence, Indian wedding cards can also be packed in the wooden box with stone of Lord Ganesha on its outer layer.

2) Jute made flower purse

Wedding cards can also be kept in the flower purse made up of jute material. Some artificial flowers can also be used to decorate it. This theme is most popular among Christian weddings. However even Muslim Wedding cards and Sikh wedding cards can also be kept inside such purses and given away to the guests.

3) Glass with flowers on its top

For keeping wedding cards, even the glassware items can also be used. A long glass with wedding card inside it and flowers decorated on its top can be used as a wedding card box for giving invitation to the guests. This theme has arrived from the west and is popular across the world. The wedding cards can be kept in small glass shape bottles and they can be closed with flowers on its top.

4) Smooth clay made pot

For giving away wedding cards, we can also use clay made pots. Inside the pot wedding card can be kept. The pot can be kept as usual or else given some artistic work also. But enduring artistic work to all the wedding pots will take lot of time and effort. The pot can be kept as it is also to give a country touch to the invitation card.

5) Box raped with silk artificial flower and a ribbon

Many People give their wedding cards in a simple box which is covered with a contrasting ribbon and silk flower. There are numerous colors in which such greeting boxes can be made. For giving away wedding card such boxes are common today.

6) Birdcage wedding card holder

Wedding cards can also be kept in the birdcage wedding card holder also. Golden touch or silver touch color for bird cages are most admirable. Such greeting items are most astonishing but on the other hand they are expensive also.

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