Complete Guide for PTE Listening Skill Test – PTE Listening Tips

Complete Guide for PTE Listening Skill Test – PTE Listening Tips

PTE Listening skill test is an easy one if an individual is attentive enough to listen carefully and follow every section of the test.

The listening skill test of PTE has the following sections:

  1. Write from Dictation
  2. Summarize spoken text
  3. MCQs (answer both multiple answers and single answer)
  4. Highlighting correct summary
  5. Identifying missing words
  6. Picking out incorrect words
  7. Fill in the blanks

The listening test should be taken seriously:

Listening tests should be taken seriously as it may help you to acquire high scores. You should always keep in mind that you just get one chance to listen to the tape and you should listen to it attentively. Try to grasp the meaning of what is being said. This helps you to predict what you might have missed while hearing the tape.

Have an erasable notepad to make notes:

In this section, you should summarize the heard text and make a note of it. While making notes you should leave vowels and articles which will save a lot of time. Listen attentively to the topic of the text and the words which are repeated. While solving the ‘Fill in the blanks’ section you should write down the answers in your erasable notepad and later on fill them correctly. You should always keep a check on your spellings.

You should learn to manage your time:

You should learn to time yourself while giving this listening test. You should take just 3 minutes to plan your work, take 5 minutes for writing your answers and for the last 2 minutes you should check your grammar and spelling.

Avoid getting negative marking:

MCQ questions fetch you negative marking if you get them incorrect. So to avoid this do listen to the tape very carefully. Answers to these questions are mainly given at the end of the listening piece. So, do not forget to listen till the end.

Listen to the frequency words carefully:

Listen to the frequency words (such as always, sometimes, all, never, only many, often) carefully and eliminate these words. These words prevent you from achieving the correct answer.

Listen to the keywords in the question carefully:

In the highlight correct summary PTE, listen to the keywords in the question carefully. Scan the choices given in the question. As answers are always summarized so you should listen till the end to acquire the right answer.

Attentively listen to the repeated words:

For solving the missing word section you should understand the text of the listening passage to able to answer correctly.

Take dictation:

Try to focus on the words and sentences spoken in the listening tape. Write it down like as if you are taking dictation. In the end, do not forget to check the grammar and spellings.

Always check your spellings:

Often students forget to focus on the spellings and grammar they are writing while answering from the recording. You should always check for grammatical and spelling errors at the end of the test so that you do not lose marks unnecessarily.

The text should be skimmed before recording:

While skimming the test avoid the gaps and try to understand the entire context of the passage. This will make you recognize the words to be put in the gaps.

Try to get help:

Online PTE Practice Tests are readily available which can be acquired by all the students to get familiar with its format and they can fetch good marks too. This skill test analyzes the individual strengths and weaknesses of a student and they can be confirmed about their potentiality through these PTE tests.

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