Celebrate the Work From Home Heroes with Exclusive Diwali Corporate Gifts

Celebrate the Work From Home Heroes with Exclusive Diwali Corporate Gifts

A corporate gift is the best way to make your employee feel special. It makes them feel like they are a part of the family who is always welcomed and treasured for their talent and especially now when they are at home, you can still leave them surprised with not just one but many Diwali gift choices!

Diwali sweets are too cheesy to convey that emotion, certain classic corporate presents steal the show every time. Some are high on utility, some are praised for their looks, but they bring a proud look to your staff's face and make them feel that they are a precious part of the organization. FlowerAura, India's No. 1 online gifting portal is all set to make this special festival of lights an extra special one for your employees and corporate buddies. Often, when most admins, HR, and employers are thinking out-of-the-box Diwali gifts, it is the most archetypal gift that does the trick.

A Floral Arrangement

When have flowers ever failed to make a person smile and make them feel right about everything around them? Well, the question is rhetorical. Every time you give a floral arrangement to someone, it makes the ambiance better and makes them feel special. A simple bouquet arrangement for each of your employees could make them beam the entire day, and if you wish to be a little more special with flowers for them, you can have it arranged in a bag or box.

A Personalized Mug

A classic option but a highly valued one! Simple motivational quotes and inspiring words on a coffee mug, along with their names on it, could become one of the most emotionally valuable corporate possessions they have. While they are with the company, it will serve as a constant reminder of what they are capable of, and when they move on for future endeavours, this mug will remind them of the good times they had with the organization. You can avail of online corporate gift delivery in any city.

A Corporate Journal

It might seem an ordinary gift, but it is one of those with high utility. The staff always welcomes a corporate journal with an embedded pen holder, cardholder, sticky notes, an envelope, and a thick bunch of ruled or blank papers because it serves as one book for everything. They could use it as a to-do list, task scheduler, notebook, reminder, and doodle to bring out their creative self. Pick one with a hardcover, engrave it with their names and watch them accept this little present with a wide smile.

A Desk Calendar

The staff always prizes this little possession. They don't have to pick up their phone every time to look for the day and date. It enhances the beauty of the workstations. Glancing at that beautiful picture above the dates for a minute or two calms them down as it can be personalized with their memorable photos, and with a new feature of the weekly planner, they could scribble the important events right at it. They don't need to consult their emails all the time. This little calendar will remind them of important tasks right away.

Personalized Passport Holder

Something to hold their passport, business card, credit cards, and whatnot - Yes, a passport holder is always a great idea when it comes to corporate gifts. Pick the one which can be personalized with their names and a small charm to create a sense of belongingness.

You can choose either of these Diwali corporate gifts or pick any other item from the offered Diwali collection, make sure to make them smile even when they are far away working at home for you!

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