Celebrate The Onset Of Monsoons With Deliciously Special Snacks

Celebrate The Onset Of Monsoons With Deliciously Special Snacks

Majority of people crack a smile looking at the first rainfall of the season in their town. A relaxation from scorching heat and wetting sweat gives tremendous relief when the clouds get to burst into raindrops. The signal of monsoon arrival cheers up the kids and they rush to their moms to calm their appetite. Even the youngsters and senior citizens demand to have something special at home. A hot cup of tea with some hot fried pakoras or a sizzling fish at the time of rainfall can really make the moment thrilling.

Let us take a look at the easy snacks to make which can generate the commencement of monsoon more appealing to family and friends.

Samosa and Pakoras

Basically, an Indian foodstuff, samosa, and pakoras are very much loved and appreciated during the time of rainy season. The tang of boiled and mashed potatoes, green chilies, onions, chilly flakes, oregano and gram flour etc. adds delicacy to these items. From vegetable samosas to chicken pakoras, there is a lot more to mix match with these ingredients. A cup of spicy tea or hot coffee can complete the whole program.

Corn Fritters

The crispy taste of this snack with roasted bell pepper sauce can give a punch to the rainy point in time. With all that corn, gram flour, and spices etc. the taste of corn fritters become more peppery. You cannot stop yourself from taking it. This special snack can add radiance to the whole story. Either you can enjoy it in a restaurant or make it at home. The fried crisp of this snack will melt your heart in seconds.

Spicy Chicken Wings

This delightful snack will cool your hunger in the thundering and electrifying moment of rainfall. The spices and herbs by which these tender chicken wings get ready will surely fill your mouth with water. This meaty comfort will make your day more exciting. You can call all your friends and take this snack altogether. The cool monsoon winds and your trying out something from healthy chicken recipes will make a great combination for the event.

Indo Western Spring Roll

With the cluster of spices, olives, sundried tomatoes, fresh vegetables etc this snack is made and served in many countries. On a wet rainy day, this snack can take your heart away and you will be in love with these deep-fried crispy rolls. The flavor of all the ingredients altogether will make your day even more special. This snack can be added with a few more snacks and served. This snack is many times garnished with spinach, onion, carrot, eggplant. You can also add chicken or eggs to it and, convert it into quick, healthy snacks.

These are some of the well-known snacks which can make your monsoon day electrifying. However, you need to care for yourself from eating any dried or unhygienic food. As sometimes, the monsoon brings diseases along with it. Although there are troubles and issues related to the rainy season, people often like to get wet in rain and then have a hot and crispy snack at home.

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