Cape Cod - 10 Reasons to Visit This Place

Cape Cod - 10 Reasons to Visit This Place

Love to travel across the world? If yes, then this blog is going to tell you about one of the exciting places today. Cape Cod, the starting point of America. It is having something for everyone. This place is having history, vintage shops, and much more to it one of the best spots on Earth to fulfill your goals. Following are the ten reasons to visit and things to do in Cape Cod:

1-Best Rated Beaches

Cape Cod is having some of the best beaches in the world. Dr. Beach named as Coast Guard Beach in Eastham is on the sixth position in the list of 2017 top beaches in the USA. Furthermore, with three coasts in the area, travelers are not far away from a spectacular beach on Cape Cod. It is important to note that the Nantucket Sound on the South Coast is having warm water for swimming. The Outer Cape beaches on Atlantic is having huge sand dunes at the backdrop of the sea and this is one of the best places to stay in Cape Cod in the beaches.

Moving on, if you are planning to visit the beaches of Cape Cod, then traveling on the boat will further add enjoyment in your trip. But before traveling, if you are planning to give shine to the metal of your boat, then you should get boat storage Cape Cod services from the professional company in your area.

2-Freshly Served Seafood

There is a difference between seafood and food coming straight from the sea seafood. You should experience what fresh really mean by enjoying the food in Cape Cod. You will get a wide range of options like Mac’s on the Pier in Wellfleet, Sesuit Harbor Café in Dennis and more. If you have not eaten the fresh seafood in your life, then half shell, lobster, scallops, clams, mussels are some of the dishes you should try and you will really enjoy the experience.

3-Interesting Classic Streets

There are a total of five classics streets in Cape Cod and this will provide a good experience to remember. You can enjoy, shop, eat all at the same time. The best places on the list include Hyannis, Harwich Port, Provincetown, Chatham, and Falmouth. Note down that the Country Living Magazine placed the Harwich Port on number 25 in the list of top Ports in the USA.


Fond of lighthouses? Then you will love the 15-classic example of the New England lighthouse. These lighthouses join the coast from Falmouth to Provincetown. You should climb up to reach the top of these lifesavers and have a look at the best views in Cape Cod. If you are not having enough time, then you can visit two of the best lighthouses named as Highland Lighthouse in Truro and Nobska Light in Woods Hole.

5-Bike Trails

Like to go for a ride on bike? Cape Cod is having trails for you. You can visit the coast of Shining Sea Bikeway from Falmouth to Woods Hole to get incredible looks. The track of the Cape Cod Rail Trail starts from Dennis to Wellfleet and it is having length of 26 miles. There is another trail as well that start from Old Colony Rail to the Chatham. Enjoying a bike ride during your vacation is one of the best activities while traveling.

6-Swimming Holes

If you don’t like to visit the beach and have completed your trip, then before live the place, you should visit swimming holes. The fresh water swimming holes provide amazing escape and provide a little or much privacy you want. You need to look at the right place to sit and spend quality time. One of the best places is the Cliff pond in Nickerson State Province in Brewster. This place is like a heaven that you can find on earth.

7-Best Whale Watching

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is located at the Provincetown and the Whales are every year. You can see everything from Finback, Minke, Pilot, and Humpback. For your information, these are some of the extinct places but they choose this area to breed every year and boat captain are aware of their locations. If you like watching whales, then this is the best place to see them. It is a guarantee that you will see the whales for sure.

8-Visit Islands of Nantucket or the Vineyard

With multiple ferries every day, you will get many options to spend your day. This will be best to spend quality time during your vacation. You will get beautiful views to see and you will not regret your decision. You can go on a trip to visit the island and create memories.

9-Drive-in Theater

Cape Cod also offers you an experience from the past. When was the last time you enjoyed drive-in theater? If the answer is NEVER, then you can get this opportunity now. You can watch the movie currently playing and can enjoy the experience by sitting in your car. Staring from the snack bar and the old stereo speakers, all will give you a glimpse of the past.

10-Harwich Port

The readers of Coastal Magazine placed Harwich Port at number 2 as one of the Happiest Seaside Town in the USA. You can walk, eat, and enjoy with your family members. For your information, the Harwich’s Port Summer Night is on every Wednesday in July and August accompanied by music and people without any doubt spend a memorable night.

Hope now you are aware of the things that you can do by visiting the Cape Cod. There is no doubt that Cape Cod is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. But it is recommended to do research before traveling to check things important to carry during your journey. Internet is one of the best resources to get all the information you need regarding travel packing tips and tricks along with other information that might be helpful.

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