Can Hard Work Out-Measure Talent?

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Can Hard Work Out-Measure Talent?

As human beings, we have an inclination towards people who are naturally talented. We automatically respect people who are naturally talented and often term them as geniuses.

What actually is talent?

My personal definition of a talented person is that whosoever does anything effortlessly and exceptionally well is talented. After all, we have heard people regarding children as talented if they did something (say played Casio) so exceptionally well at such a tender age. And we regard them as geniuses. There is no denial in the fact that this skill is worth applauding because even adults take some time to learn. This child probably learned it through consistent practice and obviously, children learn things much faster than adults.

All I want to do is draw your attention to the fact that anyone who practices hard-work is a genius. Take examples of scientists who consistently did his experiments and no failure ever deterred him. We all know Thomas Alva Edison as the inventor of the electric bulb. He wasn’t born as a scientist but is regarded one due to his invention.

What goes into making a success?

It is sheer hard-work that goes into making a genius. Take example of anyone from any sphere, they will dedicate their success to one thing and that is hard work. It is an undisputed fact that we all possess everything that is required to accomplish anything at any given point of time. Some require less efforts, some more. But if you practice anything consistently, you can succeed in your endeavors.

Remember “an expert was once a beginner”. Neither Sachin Tendulkar nor Steve Jobs was born as such, they became successful through their determination and hard work. There are no shortcuts to success you have to move at your own pace. And hard work has the capacity to beat talent. Through hard work and consistency, you develop skills that surpass all. It definitely is boring, but no one has ever been able to achieve something great without indulging into rigorous and boring practices. Moreover, the satisfaction that you gain is unparalleled. You are aware that you are giving all your energy towards making yourself better and the results are sure to accrue.

This world is full of examples that people who never gave up on their dreams and fought fearlessly won in their battles sooner or later. The journey might have been difficult, but it has been worthwhile always. Hard work surpassed even the so-called talented people. We must keep in mind that perseverance always pays and fight undeterred.

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