Brainstorming Exercises to Improve Your Brain

Brainstorming Exercises to Improve Your Brain

Are you still struggling to find that fabulous idea that will blow everyone’s mind? Well, brainstorming involves a lot of labor and you cannot get a world class idea in a spur of a moment. It requires a lot of hard work. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that might be of some help.

  • SWOT Analysis- For those who do not know what a SWOT Analysis is, it is a technique that stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats and helps you in a better decision making once you have all of them written in front of you. It lets you assess the impact of each of the components and take a calculated risk.

  • Change your location- It may sound absurd to some of you but your environment influences your thinking capacity to a great deal. Changing your location can be of some help as a new location may instill a new inspiration and help you find a creative solution to your problem.

  • Carry a Notebook wherever you go- Ideas do not come at a specific place and you never know what place, person or thing can click a new idea in your mind. Carrying a book wherever you go will help you jot that down immediately it comes to your mind. You can use your phone if you do not have a notebook but don’t forget to write it down somewhere or else you will forget it in no time.

  • Shift your focus to something else- At times when you are constantly thinking about your problem, you do not arrive at a solution. It is when you are engrossed in some other routine or non- a routine task that a new idea clicks in your mind. So yes, please shift your focus for some time.

  • Round Table writing exercise- Writing down the thoughts that run through your mind sometimes help you arrive at the solutions. Writing helps a great deal in striking our cords to help us find a solution more creatively. While you are writing your problem, you will automatically end up writing the solution for the same.

  • Read something or seek help outside- Sometimes it is good to take help of someone. If you don’t want to ask a person personally, try taking the advice of an expert through reading a book on the specific matter. Reading gives a solution in written and you can then modify it according to your needs.

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