Best Instagram Wall Tools of 2020

Best Instagram Wall Tools of 2020

The marketing world is always on the move! What might work today may not deliver results tomorrow! In the ever-changing marketing realm, what is now reaping high profits for businesses is the art of Instagram marketing. One of the most popular social media channels, Instagram has not the largest user-base but also the most number of global brands using it to promote their products and services.

Within a few years, Instagram has become the quintessential part of any company’s brand promotional strategy. One thing that has changed the course of Instagram marketing is the launch of the Social media wall.

Well, to begin with, a social wall is nothing but a feed of curated User-Generated Content (UGC) that a brand’s consumers have shared in its favor over social media channels. As this content is created by brands’ own customers, it is most likely to influence the target users rather than branded content.

The authenticity of UGC makes it an indisputable weapon in the marketing world and the social wall is the tool that employs its power. There are many social media aggregator tools that help brands collect the widely scattered UGC in one place.

Here are the few best that will up your brand’s Instagram marketing game-

· Taggbox

Taggbox is one of the best social media aggregator and display tool that fetches social posts from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

There are a few of the reasons why Taggbox is popular among brands that are aiming to ace Instagram marketing. It is easy to use and creating a social wall on Taggbox is not a difficult task.

Taggbox helps in aggregation from multi-social media channels which gives the brand a wide reach in terms of target users and functionality. The social media posts on wall aggregated through Taggbox could be easily moderated to filter out unwanted content.

The wall can be customized according to the platform it is being displayed over. The color, themes and design options are infinite with Taggbox. It also helps in analysis of marketing campaigns by giving on-point performance report.

Taggbox analytics feature let brands get insight on top users, demographics as well as the sentiments of users. Audience reaction is a key factor in knowing the performance of future marketing campaigns and Taggbox does exactly that for the brands. It is currently deemed to be the forerunner in the hospitality, event and academic fields, earning profits for businesses by driving audience engagement and building trust among potential consumers.


Another ingenious platform is It helps brands collect and display the best content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. by using hashtag or from specific accounts. uses moderation features to filter posts and select content that a brand wants to showcase! Its customizable CSS will make the social walls more visually appealing. Businesses can use social walls at events or embed as a widget on a website.

· Tintup

Tintup helps in aggregating social media feeds in real-time and display on any screen or website. Brands can use TINT to collect hashtags and profiles from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media channels. It also provides campaign analytics to measure its performance.

· Flockler

Flockler helps in combining and embedding social media feeds on any website. It sets up social media posts displaying user-generated content automatically. It also helps in moderating and choosing all the content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more. However, the post-selection at Flockler is done one post at a time.

· The-wallruss

The Wallrus is a pretty simple tool that enables the streaming of social posts from different platforms in real-time at events. One unique feature of Wallruss is that it could also display ads along with curated posts. Hence, displaying a variety of content over virtual screens is easier through Wallruss.

· Hashslider

Hashslider is one of the best online slideshow maker tools that lets one create Instagram slideshow feed with best transition effects. Its advanced features help in all-around customization of Instagram feed that could be displayed at any event by means of a compatible signage solution. The audience gets engrossed with the beautiful display of Instagram posts which boosts engagement and interaction.

· Slidesome

Just like many of the social media aggregation tools, slidesome too offers to create and display a real-time Instagram slideshow. The aggregated feeds from both social media channels and cloud storage platforms are showcased over a digital signage by means of a social wall. The creation, curation, and moderation of posts is quick on slidesome and the displayed slideshow can be accessed through a mobile device.


There are around 120.7 million Instagram users that share over more than a billion pictures in a single day. By incorporating UGC and social media aggregation tools, brands can collect and select from these pictures to give themselves a visibility. If a brand is not seen by its target users on Instagram, it means that it is not doing much to get noticed. Social walls are one effective way to grab people’s attention. By using any of the above-mentioned tools, brands can bridge the gap between their social media marketing efforts and its results.

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