Best Hong Kong Local Spots You Should Visit

Best Hong Kong Local Spots You Should Visit

Hong Kong is one of the most impressive cities in the world. With a population of 7 million Hong Kong truly has everything you can think of. From a jaw dropping skyline to mind boggling temples. To jungle covered mountains and soft sand beaches, this city is never short of things to explore and adventures to be had. It can take a lifetime to truly experience everything this incredible city has to offer. Witch is why, to help you guys from getting overwhelmed with all the possibilities, we would like to give you guys our favorite local spots that are a must to visit in Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak

Now a trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without a visit to Victoria Peak. This mountain peak towering over Hong Kong will give you a view of the Hong Kong skyline that is completely astonishing. Standing at a elevation of 552m, this is truly the best place to see the entirety of the Hong Kong skyline. To get to get up the peak you will need to take the tram. The tram is located near the entrance to Hong Kong Park. Omnce at the top you will see shops and a observation deck, as well as some restaurants. If you do not wish to take the tram down, you can take the hiking trail. Witch can get a a bit confusing but is a lot of fun. Although we recommend visiting at night so you can truly see the magnificence of the skyline when it lights up.

Hong Kong Park

Next we recommend you visit Hong Kong Park, a true oasis located in the middle of this beautifully chaotic city. Many locals come here to escape the concrete jungle and relax in the peaceful forest of Hong Kong Park. This park contains a lush forest poached on a hillside, many small streams, ponds and forms of animal conservation. One of the most popular attractions here is the aviary, a nature preserve for over 80 species of birds. Coming here you will hardly believe you are right in the middle of one off one of the biggest cities on planet earth.

Temple Street Night Market

Lastly we would like to recommend Temple Street Night Market. You cant make a stop in Hong Kong and not adventure through one of its bustling night markets. The constant bombardment of sounds, tastes, smells and sights is so much fun for for the senses. You can find everything here, from incredible street food to authentic Hong Kong massage. Temple Street Night Market starts to set up later in the evening and is normally fully up and running by the time the sun goes down.

Hong Kong truly is a incredible and impressive city. With more amazing things to do here than we can count on our hand and toes, we hope that this starting guide can help you figure out exactly how you would like to spend you time in this incredible cultural explosion of a city. Thank you guys for reading and we hope that you enjoy your trip to the amazing city of Hong Kong. Safe and happy travels.

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