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Benefits of Red Wine

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Benefits of Red Wine

Colder regions of the world experience snowfall almost the whole year round. In this situation, the lifestyle in those places is completely distinct from that of other comparatively warmer regions. This is precisely due to this fact, the majority of the population consumes alcohol in these regions. While in some countries, it is considered a sin to consume alcohol. On the contrary, there are some countries where it is also considered a status symbol to drink. Leaving all this aside, there are some health benefits too associated with some drinks. Out of so many drinks that are available, Red Wine is the most popular one. It is one drink that is never looked down with inferiority. It has a rich red or magenta color that is so attractive. Being rich in taste, it is equally rich in some nutrients and therefore provides a lot of health benefits. Let us take a look at some of them.

If you consume red wine in moderate proportions, it is known to reduce the risk of many deadly diseases which include heart diseases. Red wine is rich source of anti-oxidants which helps in preventing heart diseases and cancer. Anti- oxidants contained in red wine are also helpful in fighting inflammation and blood clotting. It even minimizes the chances of strokes. It, however, must be kept in mind that red wine should be consumed in moderate proportions. If there are benefits associated with drinking red wine, there are some demerits too in connection with over-consumption of red wine which is an alcohol. A study indicates that red wine reduces the risk of several cancers namely colon ovary and prostate cancers, basal cell etc. It further reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Study says that people who consume red wine are less vulnerable to depression. Drinking de- alcoholized red wine can minimize insulin resistance. Consuming red wine in moderate proportions can reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes in women.

However, despite numerous benefits of red wine, there are some negative health consequences attributable to red wine consumption. Here it must be kept in mind that moderation is the key! Red wine is nothing but an alcohol no matter how useful it might be. Its overconsumption leads to problems like obesity, liver cirrhosis, and other diseases. We must keep a check on red wine consumption and utilize it for our highest good.

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