Artists are Born or Made?

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Artists are Born or Made?

Art surpasses all realities of life. It is the artist who can see extra-ordinary in the ordinary. It is the artist who can find greenery in a barren land or a river in a dessert. He can make you see the world differently. It is a very common belief that an artist is born and not made. Just like every individual is unique so is every artist from another. I agree that the inclination towards art is definitely inborn, but we cannot conclude that artists are born. Our interests help us in taking up something be it art or anything else. If you have interests like these, you definitely will notice all forms of art closely.

Artists, therefore, are not born they can be made. In fact, art is defined that way. It is a skill that can be acquired through practice. The application obviously is dependent on the person practicing it. But art, in general, can be acquired through practice. It may happen that some people are able to learn it faster than others. That happens maybe because they are naturally inclined towards it. There is nothing relating to being born as an artist. You were never born with a paintbrush. Someone taught you and you were able to learn it in a relatively shorter duration. Others might take little longer but eventually, they too will be able to paint the way you paint. Also, your style of painting shall remain distinct from the other artist due to the differences in experiences.

Moreover, it is thought that art is confined to painting, drawing, sketching and all that jazz. But I strongly disagree here, art includes all walks of life and there is absolutely nothing that you cannot apply art too. Art can be applied to everything, how you talk, how you work, how you handle your problem, how you look at events, how you deal with people and even how you live life. Art cannot be confined to just painting and drawing and its scope is much wider than you can ever think. Everyone is an artist in some of the other form. If you incorporate creativity into writing, you are an artist. If you dance, you are an artist. If you sing, you are an artist and the list is endless.

It, therefore, can be concluded from the above that artists are not born. Anyone can be an artist through practice. Your interests do reflect your innate inclinations and may prompt you to take up any form of art.

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