Who Is Happier: Rich Or Poor?

Who Is Happier: Rich Or Poor?

For thousand years, the debate is going on whether the rich person is happier or not comparatively. Lots of surveys and researches are done to find out where the aroma of happiness lies. The debate is going on. However, some facts are derived from the past studies and investigation. In this article, you will come across certain things related to the emotions of a rich and poor person. On the basis of which, the conclusion can be drawn that which class is happier.

Things a rich pal can buy

There are lots of materialistic things which a rich person can buy. A royal home, a shining car, better food, lavishing clothes, etc can be purchased easily by the rich people. If they invest wisely, they can even buy happiness at their doorstep. They can send their children to luxurious schools and have many servants at home. A fantastic holiday trip, opulent parties, mesmerizing get together etc they can do all these on their fingertips.

Things a poor pal can buy

Even though, a poor person cannot buy as much as rich can. There are certain things which reveal that poor person can also live a contended life. Poor folks usually do not have more expectation and greed in comparison and so they are found more satisfied. Poor folks will naturally buy things according to the size of their pockets. They cannot make their lifestyle rich and deluxe still they can work hard and make out of it. If a poor folk take a wise decision then he or she can also be able to spend a comfortable lifestyle. Yes! It is possible.

Problems which a rich pal face

As per the analysis was done by rich and poor people, it is found that many of the rich people are affected by diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc. They are in constant tension regarding their money – it can be stolen. Rich children are engaged with technology items like smartphones, tablets etc. Rich people do not mix with their relatives and friends very fast. Many People only make relations with rich people because of their money. Their high expectations and greed to get more and more, usually results in less or no satisfaction.

Problems which a poor pal face

Poor folks are highly satisfied and they have close and good friends. Still, there are many ill effects which every person going through poverty needs to face. A poor person will have to constantly work hard to make their living. They might have to drop their vacation trip or reduce their comfort zone to get more income. Poor people get less respect in the society. Poor people sometimes get frustrated due to less earning which results in fighting or hot arguments.

Progress is actually not what which it really seems to be. Many times, poor people are found to be more satisfied and happy. The research studies convey that poor people are happier. However, the argument is still going on.

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