To Amplify The Local Economy, UAE is Offering Easy Transit Visa for Dubai

To Amplify The Local Economy, UAE is Offering Easy Transit Visa for Dubai

Dubai is the most popular destination for travelers all over the world. It is the fast growing metropolitan city in terms of commercial aspects. Apart from this, the magnificent beauty of Dubai fascinates people to come over and over again.

To encourage stopover trips in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates started offering free transit visa for tourists. The new transit visas are extended upto 96 hours. The new law has been implemented in the hope to increase tourism and help in the growth of local economy.

The transit visas are issued to those flight passengers, who have a halt at an airport before flying to the destination airport. It has been issued in order to promote the tourism sector of a place. By applying for transit visa, the passenger can get the opportunity to explore the place between the time of his arrival and departure.

Millions of transit travelers flying via UAE’s major airline hubs are benefitted from the easy transit visa procedures and it is more beneficial for the Indians because they alone account for the majority of travelers making their way through Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


  • You don’t need to apply for transit visa prior to your arrival, you can get it in the visa counter at the airport. But if you don’t want to waste your time on applying it post-arrival, it is better to contact for Dubai Transit Visa to your visa agent
  • With the help of transit visa, you no more need to kill your time sitting in airport lounge as you stop at the Dubai airport prior to your next boarding
  • Unlike other visa types, transit visa no more requires miscellaneous documents like bank statement, documents of local host etc
  • The best advantage of it, is, you can explore the city within a short span and gather memory


While applying for transit visa, you will have to prove that you are in UAE, solely as part of your layover on your way to your next destination. The most important document, you have to provide is the confirmed ticket of your onward journey to the country you are flying to.


Upon arrival, you can directly go to the express counter to apply for the transit visa. Once you submit the required documents, you will get permission to enter the city.

The whole procedures of availing a transit visa are easy and have no room for any hassles. You can apply for the transit visa at Dubai visa consultant in Delhi prior to your journey.

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