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Suffering from STDs? Visit us at Shim Clinic

Suffering from STDs? Visit us at Shim Clinic

Are you having erection issues or severe itching in the groin or pubic area which is lasting for many days? Then, the chances of you suffering from a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) is very high and you should consult with a doctor or sexual health nurse for as soon as possible. Sexually transmitted diseases are spread by unprotected sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, or from the contact of contaminated mucus or blood. At Shim Clinic we are a team of dedicated personnel with years of expertise who help by providing the best possible treatment methods for your underlying sexual problems.

Our Shim Clinic at Singapore is well known among its patients as we believe in providing and handling our customers’ details with utmost confidentiality and security. We excel in providing the best resolutions to our customers for STD screening in Singapore. While interacting with the patients our doctors and nurses listen carefully to what you have to tell about your symptoms and simultaneously analyze the findings to provide you instant effective solutions to help you get cured soon.

Moreover, doctors at Shim Clinic are fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Hakka), English and Thai languages and also provide extra services like acne/pimple care, acne scarring, wrinkle, fine line, face jaw slimming/ reduction treatments, STD screening and HIV screening also. While no prior appointment is required to visit the clinic or consult with the doctor, NRIC and Work Pass or Passport is required for registration purposes at the clinic. In working days (Monday-Friday) our clinic is open from 9AM to 3PM in the morning hours, and 7PM to 11PM during night hours. Similarly, during weekends we are only open during the night hours, i.e., from 7PM to 11PM. Public Holidays clinic services are kept close for the public.

While STD screening and HIV screening in Singapore can be considered to be a taboo, keeping them hidden for longer duration can result in more severe circumstances, such as infections, pus formation, and cancer. Although a number of STD screening and HIV screening clinics are available in Singapore, Shim Clinic has been considered as the most preferred option for STD screening and HIV screening facilities. So, incase if you have been feeling some discomfort lately in your reproductive areas, be alert and consult to our experienced doctors as soon as you can.

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