Know it's Time to Quit Your Relationship: Breakup Signs

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Know it's Time to Quit Your Relationship: Breakup Signs

Ever so often in a relationship there comes a point when you feel like the spark isn't there anymore. You can no longer remember what it was that drove you crazy. Sometimes, you cannot figure out the reason why are you together? While some breakups are genuine, at other times, you may just need to talk it out instead of breaking up. Still confused when you should let it go? Here are some signs that may help you with the dilemma:

Your partner does not respect you anymore:

The most important aspect that a relationship is built upon is respect for each other. When one of you start losing the respect for the other, the relationship takes a bad turn. Your work may feel less important to your partner or he/she may no longer admire the little things you do for them. These situations may build up remorse in your head and you may feel like leaving.

You do not feel the same connection anymore:

The charm you once felt by being in a relationship may have lost somewhere. The little things that once were the reason of butterflies in your stomach might end up being suffocating. You like the idea of having your partner around but you are no longer mesmerized by them. Somewhere down the line, you stop feeling special, rather you feel like an old couple, always bickering.

Your sex life has degraded:

When things are not going good in the bedroom, it might be an indication that your partner isn't into you all that much anymore. When making love becomes an exercise rather than a sensual act, it is safe to say that something is not right between you two. Having sex should be as sensual and fun as it was in the beginning. If you want to spice things up, you may change your routine and try different things.

You two have a communication gap:

Remember the time when your partner used to ask about every tiny detail of your day? Whether you ate, whether you slept properly, are you in pain or how was your work? And suddenly, this all stops. You don't talk about your day anymore or you don't give attention to tiny things in your partner's life, this initiates a communication gap. You should talk about as many things as possible. A healthy communication is important to keep the relationship intact.

Any relationship that has survived for long enough does not end because of the challenges. It ends because it was never meant to be.

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