Is Rainy Water Good for your Skin?

Is Rainy Water Good for your Skin?

Rainy season comes with lots of joy and happiness. Handling the summer season is not easy; it is a messy season which is loved by no one. When the rain comes, everyone welcomes it with their open arms. But with the joy there comes some doubts too. One of the worries which get into the people’s mind is if the rainwater is good for our skin or not. Some people think that the first rain of season is really healthy for our skin and hair but there are many talks about its harmful effects on us.

Let us clear some of the confusions about rainwater and your skin:

The rainy water comes from the cloud which floats in the sky. The clouds and rainwater absorb various types of atmospheric gases. The good thing is that when the droplets touches the ground it can still be called in pure form.

When this water gets extra chemical constituents than normal, it can come down as “Acid Rain”. Acid rain is not good for our environment as it contains dangerous acids. These types of rains do not happen everywhere, industrialized areas experience these rains. The pH level of the rainwater becomes unbalanced. Chemicals like Sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides can affect the pure rainwater. You might feel lung problems if you come in contact with acid rain. But it does not happen everytime.

Acid rain sounds scary but it is not harmful to our skin. Several scientific studies have shown that, walking in an acid rain is as same as walking in the normal rain. Sometimes it can be harmful to plants and animals but it is not going to make you sick.

Even if you think that your skin is sensitive and the rainwater can hurt your skin, then you should protect it. There are various types of creams which can work as a guard for your skin. Somehow, If your skin came in contact with the rainwater, wash your skin with clean water. If your skin feels itchy or you are seeing red dots on it then you should go to a doctor.

All these can also happen because the insects and miles which appear after the rain. If you are inside your home then you should close all the windows.

In other words, rainwater can only harm you a little when it becomes acid rain. So, enjoy the rainy season.

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