How to Take Care of Your Gargoyle Gecko?

How to Take Care of Your Gargoyle Gecko?

Gargoyle Geckos, scientifically known as Rhacodactylus auriculatus can be your ideal pet if you are a beginner but want to have a reptile companion. They can be domesticated, are easy to take care of, and are great if you love to observe animals. This article provides you with every information about Gargoyle geckos including their caring and maintenance tips.

Gargoyle Geckos are from New Caledonia near Australia. Like other species of geckos, they are also from a tropical environment and are nocturnal by nature. They are climbers and become very playful and active at night. Their most striking feature is their colors- you can find them in hues like white, yellow, orange, red, and even in patterns of different hues. They are a total delight to your eyes.

Gargoyle Geckos get their name from the raised bumps on their head which looks like stone gargoyles. In the case of geckos, they often shed their tale in stressful situations. The tail usually grows back with time.

In general, gargoyles live for a long time. If you can provide them with the ideal environment to thrive then they might live up to 20 years easily. An adult gargoyle gecko can be 7 to 10 inches long and are heavy as 65 grams. On the other hand, small babies are a maximum of 1 inch long and only weight 3 grams. Pet shops sell geckos that are 5 inches long. A gecko attains ints adulthood at the age of 15-18 months.

The biggest benefit of housing a gargoyle gecko is that they are very friendly. If you regularly interact with them then they will allow you to pet them and will become a great companion. They also do not bite their owners and are extremely gentle.

Building a house for your gecko

Before you start building a house for your gecko you need to understand something. The male geckos are very territorial and become aggressive to other males. Hence, it is best to buy a male and female paid so that you can watch them grow their own family together.

Small geckoes are comfortable in a 10-gallon terrarium but adults need at least 20-gallon terrarium to move freely. A 20-gallon tank is enough for a pair of Gargoyle geckos.

The geckos are from the humid sub-tropic region. Hence, they need something moist to get the right environment. You can use a substrate in the base of your pet tank. It will help you to mimic the natural habitat of your beloved pet. Use coconut fiber, grass, peat moss, or cypress to make a 2-inch substrate at the base for the adults. If you have recently bought baby gargoyle geckos then using damp paper towels as your substrate. Replace the damp towels every week to maintain hygiene.

The geckos are natural climbers and tend to climb vertically. Hence, you need to provide enough space for them to climb inside their tank. Using vines, branches, natural twigs legs, driftwood, vertical cork flats are some of the best options that you can use to arrange a play area for your pet. Using different elements of various weights are ideal if you want to mimic the actual habitat. Also, try to include hiding places so that your gecko can sleep in the day time.


Always try to maintain temperature near 70 degrees for your geckos. They are ectotherm and they need external sources to regulate their body temperature with time. The temperature can be 70 degrees to 85 degrees in the daytime but try to maintain a little lower range for the night. Temperature more than 87 degrees or less than 65 degrees is fatal for your gecko. Hence, you may need to transfer them into different rooms as per the seasons. Additionally, you need to provide your gecko with a basking spot where they can warm themselves. A reptile heat pad or a bulb near the surface is a great idea.

Additionally, make sure to have a separate dark area for your geckos to hide. As the gargoyle geckos live in humid places you need to keep the terrarium moist and humid by spraying water on the substrate regularly. It should be enough hydrated so that your geckos get to hydrate itself from the water droplets. Alternatively, you can invest in a water bowl and place it inside the terrarium.

Their diet

Usually, the gargoyle geckos eat nectar, fruits. Some also eat small insects and small mammals occasionally. Dubai roaches are perfect as their main staple. They do not prefer smaller insects and can be picky about crickets or worms. Gut load or feed the insects with a healthy dose of vitamin D3 for a balanced diet for your gecko. Alternatively, you may use Readymix foods and make their paste with water to feed your pet.

If you are a beginner or want a wonderful pet then gargoyle gecko is your best option. They are friendly and do not harm you. You will be delighted to observe them and their antics in your free time.

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