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How Alcohol Can Heal You Surprisingly?

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How Alcohol Can Heal You Surprisingly?

We all are very well aware of the ill effects of alcohol and how it affects us when it is over-consumed. It leads to addiction and gives rise to other diseases too. But there are cases where alcohol heals us in numerous ways. Let us take a look at what alcohol does to benefit us and how.

  • Alcohol lowers the risk of heart attacks- Alcohol when consumed in moderate proportions can help lower the risk of heart attacks and hypertension. It contains important anti-oxidants that keep heart diseases at bay.

  • Alcohol helps fighting bad breath- Alcohol can help in fighting bad bacteria that cause mouth odor and one shot of vodka is all you need to smell good on a date.

  • Alcohol makes you a genius- Alcohol contains ethanol that curbs wear and tear in neurons which at later stages causes diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Alcohol boosts up creativity- Alcohol when taken in moderate proportions can help us boost creativity and you now can finish that novel or painting that you were long waiting to complete. According to a study people who drank alcohol were able to perform much better than others in problem-solving.

  • Alcohols help in looking younger- Alcohol contains important anti-oxidants that are known to boost energy levels in people and also fights aging.

  • Alcohol ensures longevity- According to a study, wine, when consumed in moderate proportions, can help us live longer. It is known to induce longevity genes that in turn help us increase our life-span.

  • Alcohol helps to maintain cholesterol levels- Red wine increases good cholesterol levels in blood and combats bad cholesterol. Remember moderation is the key!

  • Alcohol is the cure to a sore throat- Whiskey, when mixed with warm water, is used to gargle and it relieves a sore throat to a great deal.

  • Alcohol helps fight malaria infections- Quinine is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is often contained in the tonic given for malarial infections.

  • Alcohol helps boosting confidence- Here I do not mean to say confidence in general. But alcohol definitely boosts up confidence before you try to strike a conversation with unknown people in a social gathering.

  • Alcohol helps fight common cold- Alcohol is a great ingredient in fighting common cold which is why it is so commonly used in colder regions. Moderation in drinking is of utmost importance here.

We have seen how wonderfully well alcohol works when consumed in moderation. It, however, might be a cause of diseases if consumed in large proportions.

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