Dos and Don’ts of Medical School

Dos and Don’ts of Medical School

You probably have been dreaming about medical school since the last day of high school. You are among
those many aspiring doctors who studied and worked long, and hard to reach your goal of earning
admission to a renowned medical school.

As exciting as it seems, the first day at the best Caribbean medical school can be very intimidating too.
Why can the first day at medical school be intimidating? Because from some angles, it is the first day of
the rest of your life. Hence, making it a good first day is very important.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of Medical School you must follow consistently so you can get a great

1. Arrive on time

It doesn’t harm anyone to arrive at medical school on time. You should ensure that you have plenty of
time to reach your first class with a lot of time to spare. Not only will it spare you from getting your
attendance marked as late or a potential absent, you also buy yourself time to get acquainted with your
new surroundings and settle in a new classroom setting.

Arriving early helps you secure your favorite seat.

In case of unfamiliarity with the area; try paying a visit to the campus a day earlier so you can get all the
finer points covered. You should find the best parking spot for yourself. Also, buy a map and keep your
GPS active.

2. Pack Smart

Make a checklist of the things you need when you go to medical school. Someday, you will be carrying
stethoscopes, reflex hammers, and tongue depressors. But your early days will be spent in the

Make sure you go there with your curricula, course outline, reading lists, and other essentials to pack up
in advance. Start looking early for required books and texts so you can avail discounts as they can be
expensive. Look for second-hand options if there are any.

Lastly, do not forget the school supplies you’ve been using during the duration of your school:
Notebooks, pens, highlighters, binders, sticky notes and the like, if you want to remain organized. Also,
keep your smart devices with you for recording lectures.

3. Reach out to your classmates

You will feel alone on the first day at medical school but it’s never too late to reach out to your
classmates. Rivalry does exist, there will be rivals, opponents and competition. Not all your classmates
are your rivals, they are also your potential collaborators.

Since your medical school will offer orientations, mixers and other events that aid socializing with
others; attend those events and orientations. It’s good to be social.

It’s also good to form study groups because that helps improve the collective brainpower, trading study
techniques and sharing material.

4. Acknowledge that your journey just started

Getting into medical school is an achievement that does make you feel proud but, keep in mind that you
need to kick your ego out of the door and start again from scratch. You’re not a doctor yet because you
are learning to be one. Your journey has just started.

For the next 4 years, you are a student. You’re only a doctor once you have your degree and have you
have completed your mandatory training too.

You must also be prepared for your friends asking you for medical advice. Whether you know about it or
not, keep the diagnosis to yourself, play itself and tell them that you are not a doctor yet.

Accept this fact and you will open your mind further for learning.

5. Practice restraint in routine

Medical school is an exciting yet risky marathon. You will be tempted at throwing everything you have
into being the best. But are you able to sustain such a pace? Before you attend that first class, create a
schedule that helps you regulate your activities ranging from studying, to leisure and recreation. Such
helps you avoid a burnout.

The ending point

One last thing for you to remember is that when you are preparing for that very first day of medical
school; managing your expectations is a valuable part of the process. Your first day may not go as you
expected and it’s okay because it happens. You will have plenty of time to turn things around as its only
your first day.

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