Animals Which Are Considered As Good Luck Charm

Animals Which Are Considered As Good Luck Charm

As per the studies and survey accomplished in many countries, it is found that people believe in some of the animals as a lucky charm. Different countries have different considerations. Some countries believe cats as bad luck while some countries say that cats are great. In the animal world, from a tiny lizard to the gigantic elephant, there are plenty of varieties and some of these animals are so much useful and valuable to people that they have become the good luck charms. Let us look at few lucky animals from corners of the world.


In India, there is a belief that elephants bring prosperity and pleasure to the family. As Lord Ganesha has got a face of an elephant and this particular god is worshipped first at the beginning of any occasion. Lord Ganesha is considered to give wisdom, wealth, health and success. Due to this, Hindus regard the elephant as good luck signs.


In many cultures, this particular animal is regarded as a lucky animal. Whether it is a childbirth or fertility, rabbits are lucky to be seen. In any winter time or spring season, if you by chance able to see a rabbit then it is good luck for you. Many people keep rabbits as their pets just because they are beautiful and lucky.


As per the belief of ancient Egyptians, goldfish bestows long life if kept in a house. Many people all over the world consider goldfish to be lucky. The mesmerizing beauty and good luck indication of goldfish encourage people to bring this tiny little cute creature at home.


A symbol of luck in China, the bat, is considered to bring long life. People in China believe in bat so much that there is a huge demand for good luck Chinese item of the bat. Actually, the bat is useful and productive in China and so even in greeting cards in China there are symbols of two bats.


The contribution of horses to the mankind has made this strong and stiff creature a lucky charm. From agriculture and transportation to battles and war, horses have proved themselves as a remarkable gift. Even in industry, there is lots of demand for horses. People from many cultures keep this lucky attraction as their pet.


Dogs are the most obedient and trustworthy creature of all. Their sincerity and love towards their masters have made them lovable. The fascination and pleasure which dogs bring home to their masters are amazing and incredible. Due to their heart touching role in the society, they are regarded in the class of lucky animals.


Dolphins are not only decorative but they bring good luck to ports also. In past centuries, when the sailors used to hang about out of land for years then the swimming of dolphins was the first sign that the land is close to their ship. Even it is believed that artists and musicians to get good luck due to dolphins.

The list of lucky animals on this earth does not end here. There are few more animals which fall under the catalogue of good luck charm. People have observed these animals in depth, examined their productivity and their payment to the society and then they have declared them as lucky allure.

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