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10 ways to strengthen a marriage life

10 ways to strengthen a marriage life

10 ways to strengthen a marriage

Kundali matching is an age-old tool of Vedic astrology to test the compatibility of a couple. Marriage is a crucial decision in life. And seeing the decreasing ratio of marriage success, we must evaluate the factors which affect the relationship.

As we know, any romantic relationship begins with flowers and date nights. With thousands of promises and dreams to live love-filled life forever. Then a couple ties a knot. And the phrase-"they lived happily ever after"changes to "they suffered ever after"!!!!

Knowing all this, let's attempt to discover the factors which affect this bond. Let's make a note of Ten ways to strengthen a marriage!

Transparency in communication

Open and clear communication wins every situation. When partners know how to be active listers and non-judgemental friends, they both can pour their hearts out without any filters in between. It is so hard to escape a bond which allows the freedom of expression!

Limit your expectations

One of the biggest tips for a good relationship between husband and wife is exercising realistic expectations. Movies and books paint love stories with exaggerated romance and unrealistic views. To harvest a blissful love journey, one should limit his expectations from his partner. After all, life is not a fairy tale!

Compatibility test

To be happy together, a couple must be compatible. Know about your compatibility with horoscope matching. Nowadays, many online websites do kundali matching with accurate results.

What is your emotional quotient?

Emotional maturity works like salt in a relationship. We can not see salt, but its absence can ruin any delicious dish. Just like it, if a partner is emotionally immature, he will identify, process, and communicate wrong emotions. Dramatizing every minor matter, attention-seeking tantrums, demanding over pampering may be signs of low emotional quotient. So next time, if your partner keeps on calling you in between a business meeting, take it with a pinch of salt!

Love unconditionally

Most of the marriages fail today because they have specific parameters that define love for them. However, unconditional love makes a strong intimate bond between the two. When your partner knows you will love him, irrespective of his flaws, setbacks, and vulnerabilities, he will be bound to give nothing but the best in a relationship.

Learn to argue respectfully

Often, we see a couple putting each other on long silent treatments or stonewalling. If we dig deep, the root is in their fights. Every marriage goes through ugly fights. But when they disagree they speak really harsh things which they actually do not mean. If you can master the art of arguing respectfully and to the point, you can win the person over the situation.

Set your couple goals

Since marriage is a lifetime journey. It is of utmost importance to make it a joint effort of growth. Setting a goal, for which both of you feel excited about, will connect you by refreshing partnership spirit.

Honor the individuality

Among all the tips for a good relationship between husband and wife, this one is essential. Marriage is a journey of two people who respect each other's individuality and collectively lead the life for the development of both of them.

But when partners invade each other's individuality, it suffocates the relation and may lead to a bad break up

Spice it up

As we all know, in the process of earning, handling social responsibilities, and meeting the targets, after a few years, love disappears slowly. To avoid this monotonous life, you must spice up your relationship. Fulfill each other's fantasies, share funny jokes, and laugh together. Surprise your spouse with occasional gifts, play funny pranks with other. Infuse new fresh zing before it fades away with the time!

Be kind and compassionate

Life is full of challenges and hardships. Your spouse may have bad times at work or with any other family members. Be forgiving, be sympathetic to his flaws and hardships. A couple who can cry together is bound to survive any setbacks of life! Just nurture each other with a little more kindness, and your relationship will enjoy a lifelong warmth.

So, these are the Ten ways to strengthen marriage- your allies to maintain a heavenly bond blissfully. Apart from it, the primary thing everyone should do is having kundali matching, once their marriage gets fixed. It helps you to foresee the life journey

Apply these tips wisely, and I bet you will enjoy lifelong marital bliss. Also, Do not forget to share this article with your partner!

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