Are We Addicted to Our Mobile Phones

Are We Addicted to Our Mobile Phones

As we are pacing towards a tech era, we are inviting some major drawbacks with ourselves. People don't realize it yet but technology may soon become a great force that overpowers the human being. The best example a mobile phone, a device without which we cannot even breathe. It is true that we have become addicted to our mobile phones. We cannot live, cannot eat or cannot be relaxed without seeing our mobile phone, especially when they have become smarter.

Every day you see new mobile technology coming on the market and increasing the smartness of our device. Do we ever think about that there is a life beyond the blue light of our mobile phones? These smartphones embedded with the latest social networking technology is able to connect people throughout the globe, yet is distancing them in the process. Well, it seems like mobile phones aren't all that great for us. Here are some issues that arise due to the addiction of phones:

Anxiety and depression:

Studies have shown that in the recent years, the anxiety levels of the youth has elevated massively. One the biggest culprit is our cell phone. It is so because we constantly look forward to the notifications or a message from somebody. This stresses us out. The time that we could have used in doing something productive is wasted in surfing the internet or playing games.

Damage to our nerves:

This addiction has a hazardous effect on our mental health. Occipital neuralgia, a neural condition that is responsible for compressing the nerves that goes from our spinal cord to our scalp, is one of the major issues. It causes severe headaches or a migraine in people. And unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. The best hopes are yoga, meditation, massage or numbing injections.


Many people have experienced the sleep deprivation that our smartphones cause. Most of the people, especially our youth, find it hard to sleep without their cell phones at arm's reach. Some listen to music or some chat with their friends until they are asleep. The blue light emitted from our cell phones decrease the melatonin secretion in our body, the hormone which is responsible for our sleep. It has also decreased our sleeping hours.

In our race towards becoming the most tech-savvy person, we are striking a harmful deal. In the long term, we are going to realize it and it may be late by then. So, we should reduce the hours we spend on our mobile phones and utilize those hours in something else.

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