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Approaches to Self-Care

Approaches to Self-Care

As a human being, we have this need to be loved and pampered. There is no exception to the fact that we want to be appreciated all the time for all that we do. This need often governs all our life’s decisions. We as human beings have this innate characteristic of taking validations from outside. Be it our career choices, matrimonial alliances or any other thing. We automatically gain confidence if someone approves of our decisions. Very few people have the audacity to take criticism and still follow their heart even if the world denies the same.

While we are accustomed to acting as such, this attitude has seeped into our head and has become our behavioral pattern. All this while we never realized that we have completely neglected ourselves. We have become so dependent on others that till the time we do not get an approval, we continue to grow restless. Sometimes this trick may or may not work in everyone’s case. At times it renders one helpless and we become sad for no reason.

This happens may be because somewhere we don’t love ourselves enough. We do not feel empowered to take our own decisions and therefore we look for answers outside. We should know that all answers exist within us. Need is just to look within. But before anything, we must believe in ourselves, practice self- care and bestow all the love on yourself. You need it more than anyone else. The terms self- care and self -love can be used interchangeably because both aim to make ourselves center of our own universe. We must pamper ourselves because no one will do that for you.

Listed below are certain ways you can tend yourself and practice self-love.

  • Take care of yourself and aim at constantly improve yourself in ways you think are the best.

  • Learn a new skill or take up that dance class you’ve been longing for so long.

  • READ self-help books that aim in improving you for the better. Read anything that you find good for yourself. Read what others are reading but READ.

  • Move your body (Exercise). This is not only keep you in shape but will also keep you away from diseases and will help you stay energetic the whole day round.

  • Go for a walk with nature and practice mindfulness.

  • PRAY!

  • Sign up for a course keep learning.

  • Care for your body and go in for a spa or give yourself a head massage.

  • Clean your room. Sometimes de-cluttering helps a lot.

  • Do a DIY Project.

  • Meet up with old friends or schoolmates.

  • Make a gratitude list.

  • Write your thoughts in a journal.

  • Spend time with elderly people. This will help you know more about life.

  • Take a sound sleep.

These are some of the ways you can start practicing self-care. You might have your own personalized list. Go and practice it in your own unique way.

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