An Essay on My Dream House

An Essay on My Dream House

Everyone has a dream house from childhood which truly represents his personality, preferences, or likes. For me, my dream house is where I can live away from the hassle of city life. It is supposed to be a place thatallows me to enjoy my internal peace without having to face any external disturbance or unnecessary noise. I would prefer my dream house to be simple, elegant, and classy as well. I always adore the minimalist lifestyle which I want to adopt in my dream house once I have it.

Instead of having my dream house in an elite area, I would like it to be anywhere near tothe sea or beach. It would give me a chance to enjoy the natural sight every day from the windows. Moreover, the sound of waves would cause such a soothing effect on my ears. Since it is difficult to find even a peaceful corner in this busy and modern world, I want this desire to come true in the form of a house thatI am going to get in the future. Just like the interior, the outer design of my dream house would also be minimalist.

I am one of those people who are concerned about the safety of the environment. So, my dream house should have quite less dependence on electricity and other artificial resources. I would rather like to enjoy the air coming from the windows than that coming from the air conditioners. There will also be a swimming pool at the top of my house where I can take the sunbath and relax in the winter season. It would prove to be a source of relief in the summer season as well. Since I love nature and its beauty, the addition of a lawn or garden in my dream house would be equally great.

My dream house is going to have a lot of space in the backyard to sit, play, and have a gossip session with my family members, close friends, or relatives. This way, I would feel blessed to be able to have quality time with my squad. Also, the first floor of my house would have a huge TV room with a lot of cushions and pillows arranged on the floor. The kitchen and bathroom would be modern yet convenient to use. The storage room of my dream house would be reserved for a beautiful collection of photos, wines, and a lot more important stuff. Moreover, a bedroom is a personal space so it would reflect more of my personality and traits. With a comfortable huge bed, I would love to add as much comfort and coziness in it as I can.

So, from reading this example essay it can be derived that a dream house is not all about picking the expensive and luxurious stuff. For me, it is simply getting your personal space where you can relax and spend quality time. Also, it should be a place where you can get an escape from the worries and tensions of your routine life.

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