Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Starfish

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Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Starfish

One of the unique marine creatures, starfish is in more than 2000 distinct species all over the world. Starfish is one of the most beautiful looking animals and they are also given the name of Seastars. You will be shocked to know their unusual life systems. In the vast ocean, the starfish have some really interesting specialties which are described below.

a) No brain and No blood

A starfish do not have any brain or any blood in it. Even then, they can survive in the depth of vast ocean. They find exceptionally clever and simple approaches to get around it. The utilization of water saves a lot of space because there is no requirement of complex blood system. Starfish have no brain still they are not fools.

b) Eyes of starfish

You will be amused to know that starfish basically do not have any brain, blood, and focal sensory system, yet they have eyes. At the end of the arms of starfish, there are eyes. The starfish may not be able to see as much as our eye can but it can make out distinct shades of light granting them to explore their neighboring. Their eyes grant them to search for food and escape from the predators.

c) Hundreds of feet of starfish

At the end of each arm, a starfish have hundreds of tiny little feet and they fill these feet with water to shift from one place to another. This causes their arm to move like a foot would and because of this reason, they move much speedier than you might hope.

d) Eating habit of starfish

Because of their little mouth on the underside of their body, starfish have adjusted a keen method for eating things bigger than it can fit in their mouth. In order to fit the food into their mouth, the starfish digest the food outside their body. Because of this, the food can be further broken down inside the body.

e) Regeneration of arms by starfish

A starfish can utilize their attribute of regenerating arms in many different ways. When comes with contact with any predator, a starfish can lose its arms so that it can hide or escape. It is pretty serious scene to lose one arm because arms can take many months or years to completely regenerate. Strangely, if the severed leg is not given injury then it can heal itself and regenerate. This results in genetically twin starfish.

f) Skin of starfish

The skin of starfish is touch and leathered and made of calcium carbonate. It is problematic for hunters to break down their skin because of such strong and solid material. Additionally, there are numerous spines on the skin of some species of starfish. The spines on the skin of starfish act as a layer of a sword to discourage the predators.

There are lots of varieties just like starfish and the knowledge about these varieties is like an ocean. Just like starfish, there are many living animals which are too fascinating to know about.

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