All You Need to Know About Nutritional Supplementation

All You Need to Know About Nutritional Supplementation

In venturing through life on a day to day basis, an individual often has to contend with a variety of external influences that do not impact his/her health, and the consequent generalized state of well-being otherwise normally engendered, in a positive manner.

These effective environmental forces can range from the empirically quantifiable scourges of environmental pollution, population explosion and sociopolitical instability, to the endemically abstract and debilitating impact of the universal ‘scarcity of resources’ problem (that primeval cause of fierce competition amongst the species, and an apathetic global zeitgeist now discernible everywhere– with both being the de facto hallmarks of the post-War neoliberal capitalist world order). With an Optimum Deals Internet service plan, you can acquire a lot of useful information on this burgeoning subject, and become acquainted with the advice of several experts in the field.

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A human being, albeit being one of nature’s most resilient creations (and an occupant of the top-most rung on the evolutionary ladder), may at times be rendered utterly helpless when faced against these challenging existential predicaments of modern-day life – with the result being that his/her bodily health is made to suffer from a variety of disease conditions.

It is when they attempt to remedy their afflicted states that many individuals unwittingly stumble upon the perennially-tested (and found to be effective) natural offerings (read: solutions) of nutritional supplements; which as a result of their adequate and timely usage not only help to alleviate disease but may also bring about the dissolution of the underlying pathologies that covertly lead to its onset.

…followed by Big Pharma

Nowadays, it comes as a common sight to observe many people complaining about the ravaging and toxic side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, as well their debilitating impact on patients’ psychological states.

Big Pharma

Not a day goes by when newspaper and tabloid headlines do not loudly proclaim some obscene and worrying account of the harm inflicted by a particular pharmaceutical ‘solution’ on a beleaguered human subject, who may even have lost his/her life due to the unfortunate and ill-advised administration of the said synthetic agent or medicinal procedure.

One of the most recent cases of willful pharmaceutical abuse to emerge from the drug industry was that of the ‘Statin’ class of medical drugs, which continue to be widely prescribed by many heart specialists and general practitioners to offset the conditions of acquired or inherent hyperlipidemia (crudely referred to in lay circles as being in a high-cholesterol state).

On Co-Q10 and its suppression

Statin drugs do, in fact, prove to be very responsive in cutting down total blood cholesterol levels, but at the grave and detrimental cost of one of the human body’s most crucial and naturally metabolized substances responsible for maintaining cardiac health, and the individual’s overall functional energy levels.

This potent and largely health-determinative agent is Co-Enzyme Q10, which is responsible for catalyzing the many conversion reactions that characterize mammalian respiration within the mitochondria (in cells); and thereby significantly increasing the yield of ATP (the ‘energy currency’ in all sentient beings). Co-Q10 supplements are all the rage in holistic nutrition circles these days and are advisable-for-consumption for all individuals past the ages of 45 and 50, those currently on statin medications, as well as patient-sufferers of extreme fatigue and exhaustion (a symptom of mitochondrial damage and/or low ATP levels).


Statin drugs target and impede the biochemical pathways (naturally underway in the liver at all times) that lead to the bulk of the body’s cholesterol production; with the remaining quantities being absorbed from the food ingested through the digestive tract. The same biological pathways are responsible for producing a range of health-promoting substances such as Co-Q10, whose synthesis is thereafter completely reduced to figures below the advisable range. As a result of this unfortunate degradation of the said bodily compound, blood ATP levels begin to fall and gradually lead to a crisis condition in which an individual’s heart health is adversely affected.

Many clinical trials and research studies have definitively identified a positive correlation between reduced blood Co-Q10 levels and a noticeably increased risk of mortality brought on by different instances of cardiac failure (in all of which patients are greatly encouraged by nutritionists and holistic experts to combine their existing drug regimens with over-the-counter Co-Q10 supplementation).

Severely limiting blood cholesterol levels also brings about its own deleterious consequences for human health; not the least of which is a systemic wearing away of the myelin sheath that encapsulates (and provides nutrition) to nerve cells. People with substandard quantities of blood cholesterol often make mention of headaches, irritability, ‘cloudy minds’ and an impairing dizziness, and may report losses in memory and analytical ability.

Not all Nutrition Brands are safe

Nutritional supplements like Co-Q10, Omega-3-6-9 Fatty Acids, Highly-absorbable Magnesium and D-Ribose (among other O.T.C prescriptions commonly administered for heart conditions) are manufactured by a wide assortment of brands that are not rigorously regulated by the FDA, so there is some genuine concern regarding their marketed states of ‘high purity’, and the presence of mercury & lead contaminants, in their ingestible solutions.


Many companies engaged in the wholesale production of such (and other) nutritive-mixtures have also faced serious lawsuits from the aggrieved victims of their health products, who may have suffered from a toxic allergic reaction.

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