All About Claiming on the Wrongful Death

All About Claiming on the Wrongful Death

The deaths that involve any form of accidents or intentional harm can be termed as Wrongful Death. In situations like that the deceased family member may file a lawsuit against the defendant. And, if there is strong evidence available against the defendant then the claim for such deaths may turn out to be lifelong imprisonment also. Well, over here the focus of study will be on the claims that can be made in Wrongful Death lawsuits. Also, you will get a compact study on which ground the claims can be made. Also, this will include who can claim such lawsuits on behalf of the deceased person.

What are the Grounds to Claim on any Wrongful Death?

Okay, now to prove that the decedent's death was wrongful you need to first of all present the ground with reasons that it was such so. For that here in a list and brief of some basis on which such claim can be made. Go through them and find out if your dear one’s death comes under any of this category or not.

  • If the victim is intentionally killed like – domestic violence, molestation, rape, blackmail, etc then you can claim his/ her death to be wrongful.
  • Also, if the victimised person has to surrender his /her life due to wrong medical practices. Well, the medical malpractice might be the case of a doctor, nurse, or the entire hospital or nursing home. Even the pharmaceutical company.
  • A car accident or any form of road and vehicle accident can be the sole reason to claim for such mishaps.
  • Also, death in the form of suicide can be presented as wrongful one. If the suicidal reasons are found like – occupational hazards, domestic violence, or any such then the claim can be made.

Who Can Claim the Lawsuit on Wrongful Death?

The decedent cannot return back and ask for his/ her premature death. The right to claim on behalf of the decedent is generally his/ her parents, guardians, spouse, siblings, children. In short, anybody who can prove to have some blood connection or strong societal connection can claim on behalf of the decedent. In case of minors, legal guardian or parents can claim for their minor’s sudden mishap.

What is the Extent of the Wrongful Death Claim?

If presented a strong lawsuit against the defendant then the claim can be made really very strong. Here is a strong claiming list. Get a rough idea regarding what to claim.

  • You may claim for punitive damages on the basis that the defendant must be afraid of the law before performing something similar the next time.
  • The survival claim can be made where the defendant must compensate for the pre-death pain and sufferings of the decedent.
  • You may also claim the pre-death medical costs and charges. This might also include the crematory and reverence charges.
  • A compensatory claim can be made for the lost income of the family and also the daily household expenses and others that include kids educational expenses.

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