Agra Tour: The 10 Best Things to do in Agra

Agra Tour: The 10 Best Things to do in Agra

For some people traveling is like their bread and butter; they just can’t live without it. If you are one such person who is a passionate traveler and visited Agra to give your soul the type of food it needs to thrive, then there are many things you can do there. Tourists usually prefer to stay long in Agra as it has some of the most beautiful historical places, including the Taj Mahal (counted among the seven wonders of the world) that worth your visit. Agra is a place that will intrigue you and give you an extraordinary experience that will stay in your memory forever. Let us help you to explore what the beautiful city has to offer you:

  • The Charm of Taj Mahal: Seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise can be a treat to your eyes. Dragging yourself through the streets of Agra early in the morning to see the beautiful monument in all its glory worth a few hours of your sleep. The monument is a symbol of love and a jewel of Muslim art in India, owing to which it has become one of the seven wonders of the world. You can take the Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi and get to know the never-heard and interesting facts about the Taj Mahal.

  • Agra Fort: The Fort is one of the finest forts in India. The Mughal Emperor Akbar rebuilt the Agra Fort using red-sandstone to make it the main residence of Mughals. The various buildings within this widespread fort complex represent the adaptation of different cultures, which was the mark of the Mughal period. The major attraction of the fort is the evening sound and light show that recreates the fort's history that mesmerizes your mind and soul.

  • Mehtab Bagh: If you are a nature-lover, then Mehtab Bagh is one such place that you must include in your list. The 25-acre Mughal garden was built by Emperor Babur and is situated directly opposite the Taj Mahal. By paying an entry fee of Rs. 25 and Rs. 300, the nationalities and foreigners respectively can walk through this beautiful garden and breathe in the spell-binding fragrance of different species of flowers. The perfectly made and well-functioning fountains and pools beautify the overall ambiance of the moonlight garden.

  • Korai Village: On your way to Fatehpur Sikri, you will come across a tribal village called Korai. If you want to encounter the daily life of a typical village, then Korai Village is not less than a treasure for you.

  • Exploring the magnificent city - Fatehpur Sikri: Situated at a distance of about 39 km from Agra, the city of sandstones has a lot to offer you. Founded by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar, the city exhibits a fusion of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic styles of architecture that will amaze you to the core.

  • Finger licking snacks: One of the best things you can do in Agra is to taste the diverse and delicious snacks. The city is not only famous for its Mughal forts, but also for its Exotic Mughal Cuisine. Be it different variants of chicken or crispy kebabs, you can have all of them. You can also easily get other cuisines in the city like Continental, Chinese, and a lot more.

  • Sheroes Hangout: Staffed by women who are the survivors of acid attacks in India, the Sheroes (She+Heros) hangout is located opposite The Gateway Hotel On Fatehabad road. The hangout was founded by a Delhi-based NGO called Stop Acid Attacks, and the idea behind it was to spread awareness of the increasing crime and provide the confidence to women to show their faces to people after being disfigured. Apart from this, the place offers mouth-watering food and beverages that are a reward to your taste buds.

  • The crowded bazaars of the city: What’s the point of visiting Agra if you don’t walk through the crowded bazaars of the old city. There you can find anything ranging from spices to clothes and snack stalls to jewelry shops.

  • The vegetable market: You can find the energetic wholesale vegetable market on Fatehabad road, which offers you the raw eatables from all over India. The market commences early in the morning and winds up by 9 a.m., so get up early and quickly get your toes directed towards the market.

  • Agra Bear Rescue Facility: If you are an animal lover, then you must visit the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, which houses sloth bears that were confined and forced to dance. The center is located on National Highway 19, inside Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. You can watch the bears in their natural habitat, enjoying their new and better world.

Among all the places mentioned above, there is still much more to explore in the old and beautiful city. Plan a big trip to Agra, or you will not be able to cherish the beauty and magnificence of all the historical places.

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