Advantages of Pursuing Bachelor of Design Program

Advantages of Pursuing Bachelor of Design Program

Design sensibilities lead product innovation and acceptance; the look, feel and the form factor is by far the most distinguishing aspect that businesses of today and more importantly of the future are looking to establish in their products for building a unique identity, loyalty and driving user connect. Designers are central to any product led business functioning and sustenance.

What is a Bachelor of Design?

Bachelor of Design is a 4-year, full-time programme with various specialisations in design, with a wide range of electives. A typical B.Des program covers design aspects in Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Accessory Designing, Textile Designing etc, also imparts know-how around technology led solutions like Graphic Designing, Multimedia Designing, VFX Design, Visual Communication, and Game Designing in addition to skill development through tools and techniques such as CAD, CAM, product development, and marketing, also includes personality development programs. The students are made job ready through exposure to the design industry with seminars, internships, events, exhibitions at national and international level and given opportunities to showcase their work for enhancing their learning through feedback from design experts.

Advantages of Bachelor of Design Program

A world-class Institute of Design aims at enabling and shaping neo-designers, somebody who is at-ease working in the studios, experimenting at the labs and in presenting at boardrooms.

The B.Des program is developed on the lines of the world’s leading design schools and programmes, equipping students with the tools, skills, and design mindsets and delivered through an international faculty panel comprising of leading industry experts and scholarly academicians with international qualifications.

The B.Des program makes design aspirants proficient in analogue and digital skills, the multi-disciplinary approach to learning adopted at JKLU enables widening perspectives through collaborative working with different professionals like engineers, sociologists, and behavioural scientists, and the liberal approach to design thinking lets students to choose credits and courses thereby creating a professional who is individualistic unique and responsible.

The technologically advanced and design centric scientific labs, media labs and maker studios at JKLU further cater to students’ projects, enhancing hands-on learning and preparing them for industry. The design curriculum also lets students choose from niche specializations in Product Design, Interaction Design and Interdisciplinary Design and equips them with futuristic technology understanding in areas of AI, IoT, and automation, also dwells on people and cultures and understanding their influence on design effectiveness; in a manner preparing them to contribute effectively and making them conscious of the design’s role in building society.

B.Des admission

Aspirants with an aptitude for creativity, and looking for B.Des admission in Jaipur or anywhere serves as an ideal destination for a career in design. The selection process for B.Des admission in Jaipur is based on the students’ with any of valid NID-DAT, CEED and UCEED scores or they need to comply with university admission criteria.

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