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Actor Dario Soler lives the high life in national Corona Premier commercial

Actor Dario Soler lives the high life in national Corona Premier commercial

Dario Soler still remembers the moment he fell in love with acting. He was on a stage in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, starring in a play. When he was taking his final bow, the sense of satisfaction he had was unlike anything he’d ever felt; he’d taken the audience on a journey, all while going through one himself. Hearing the applause and seeing the standing ovation was an adrenaline rush, knowing he’d truly captivated and connected with those in front of him. From then on, he knew he was meant to be an actor.

“In that moment, it became so clear from the feedback from the audience that this was to be my life’s work. In that moment, I could tell that I had a real gift because hearing how the audience felt, seeing their smiles, and seeing them deeply connect, brought me to a place where I knew I needed to spend my life dedicated to the craft of evoking this feeling for audiences for the rest of my life. That was more than 24 years ago and if it weren’t for that moment, I would not be where I am today,” says Soler.

As an internationally sought-after actor, Soler lives his passion each and every day, with millions across both Latin America and the United States being privy to his exceptional work. Whether starring in films such as Aguijon and El Quetzal de Jade, television shows like FBE Sketches or the upcoming TeenAged, or multi-national commercials for iconic brands like Honda or Home Depot, Soler knows how to captivate an audience.

Soler is an impressive commercial actor, knowing that filming a commercial involves a different mindset than that of a film or show. He has to sell a product and enchant an audience in less than a minute, leaving a lasting impression in their minds. In the 2018 Corona commercial, he did just that.

Everyone knows the Corona brand, and Soler was happy to be a part of a commercial for a product that is all over the world. In this specific commercial, Soler played the homeowner of a beautiful mansion in Malibu that has an incredible balcony overlooking the gorgeous sunset and ocean. Audiences can see Soler walking towards a group of friends with two Corona Premiers, Corona’s light beer, in his hand. He is happy as he hosts an incredible event where Corona is his drink of choice. It’s a fun but relaxed party. Viewers can feel the vibe of the event because it’s set at sunset, which ties in the concepts together, and it makes you instantly want a Corona for yourself.

“I like that I was able to play a role where I was a man that appeared to have money, success, and was surrounded by lots of friends. It was a great experience to shoot at such a beautiful location like Malibu, which is not an opportunity many people get to experience,” says Soler. “The beer itself has lower carbs and lower calories and you don’t have to compromise flavor and taste.”

This commercial aired in 2018 and was shown on major networks across the United States. This was a major campaign, as Corona was officially launching their lower calorie and carb beer. Premier and Familiar have helped lead the brand franchise up 10.7 percent in sales and 8.7 percent in volume year to date, and Soler is very proud of contributing to that incredible success with this commercial.

“It feels good to be a part of a major campaign as they highlight a new product that they want to showcase in front of the right audience. This was a commercial that was seen across the U.S. and to be in front of so many people and introduce them to a product they might have not known about and allow them to see themselves through my character makes me feel good. It makes me realize as an actor I am making an impact because the way I am showing up is speaking to people that desire the same life,” says Soler.

Be sure to watch the Corona Premier commercial.

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