AC Generator on Rent: Benefits & Limitations

AC Generator on Rent: Benefits & Limitations

There are many benefits of AC generators such as matching voltages feature and its very simple design, but also some disadvantages such as high insulation levels. Most business properties mostly depend on AC power generators to operate electrical appliances and equipment that exist on their property.

But this does not happen with DC current which has only one direction for progress.

I hope you all know the rental generator service. And you will know the advantages of renting a generator. If you need a generator for a very short time, then you can save your money by renting the generator. There are many dealers here who can provide you with AC generator rental. You can hire a good generator easily and very quickly according to your needs.

In this post, we will talk about some benefits and limits of the AC generator on rent.

An AC generators

AC generators operate on an electromagnetic law that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. These devices consist of a rectangular electrified coil of wire that rotates on an axis. When the coil rotates, the magnetic field changes; And then the process creates an electromotive force between the ends of the coils. Which produces electricity.

The AC generator can supply enough power to run your electrical units.

The Benefits of AC generators

  • For a large part, an AC engine has a very easy structure, as its only moving part is the Motor.

  • Available on Low Cost

  • Silent operation.

  • Easy to Use

  • Portable device

  • Long life cycle

  • AC motors have no smell which is very common of DC motors; It is caused by components that are more likely to friction.

  • An AC generator allows users to convert their voltage level to other voltages with the use of a transformers device, and these are agreeable only with an AC generator and not with a DC generator.

  • The maintenance cost is very low and easy to use.

Limitations Of AC Generators

There are some limitations of AC Generator, such as:

  • A generator requires extra insulation because more voltage is required to supply a particular level of power.

  • AC Generator needs a transformer.

  • AC generators can spark and overheat issues due to producing high power current.

  • Alternating current power is more at risk of heating and sparking as it produces higher currents and this particular sensation can cause an electric shock as well as fire. The latter can cause a significant amount of damage to property and at the same time pose a threat to life.

  • An AC generator is not as strong as a DC generator.

  • Require more Safety

The use of transformers in AC systems is an advantage, which may also note to be a limitation. The reason for this is that the generators then require a specific design which becomes a barrier to high voltage discharge arising from one side. But since there is no other efficient way of generating high voltages, it grows important to use transformers to decrease long-distance transmission. These transmissions occur as soon as the low voltage converges to the required high levels.

Just as other generator systems have some advantages and disadvantages, similarly AC generators also have specific advantages and disadvantages. But the benefits of using AC generators make them a better choice.

Generally, an air conditioner generator engine comes with a basic plan because it consists of just one solitary part, the rotor. Air conditioning engines are simple to keep accordingly. They likewise claim to be inexpensive and keep quiet activity. Also, they have a more drawn life with DC engines. Actually, DC engines have carbon brushes, which usually go bad after some time. They must be pressed for the duration of the engine's life. Likewise, a DC engine with noise and an unmistakable odor is a grating given by its areas because of a DC engine.


In this blog, you can find the advantages and limitations of AC generators. If you need more information about the backup power generator, visit our EO energy website and call us if you are thinking of buying and renting a generator they also help you.

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