A Simple Guide to Choosing the Correct Quartz & Marble Worktops for Small Kitchens

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Correct Quartz & Marble Worktops for Small Kitchens

While marble is popular for its beauty; quartz is well-known for its technical properties. Both are a preferred option for architects, property developers as well as homeowners in the UK looking for the right worktop material. But as these materials are now available in several variants, colours, designs, and finishes, how will you select the best, especially if you have a small kitchen?

A small kitchen needs to look stylish and be practical at the same time, and quartz and marble are excellent choices to get these results. If you are struggling to pick the best worktop material for your small kitchen, focus on these five factors discussed below-

1. The colour of the worktop

The colour of the worktop significantly affects the overall appeal of your kitchen. Fortunately, quartz and marble kitchen worktops are now available in innumerable colours to help you design your small kitchen just the way you want. But when selecting the worktop, make sure you choose a colour that is bright and vivid as such colours create an illusion of a larger space. Darker hues, on the other hand, would make your kitchen look smaller.

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2. The durability of the material

For a small kitchen, it is essential for the worktop to be multifunctional. When space is small, you don’t really have to freedom to have a separate section for each of your kitchen activities. As a result, you should prefer materials that are resistant to scratches, temperature, and stains. This would ensure that the worktop can accommodate activities like cutting, baking, cooking, etc.

3. Worktop finish

Matte and gloss are two of the most popular finishes now available in the market. Among both these finishes, it is the gloss finish that can help you create brighter spaces. The colour-reflecting ability of the gloss finish would make your kitchen look big. However, the same is not possible with a matte finish. While marble worktops are readily available in a gloss finish, many of the manufacturers now also offer quartz kitchen worktops with this shiny finish.

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4. Look for “add-on” options

If the limited space of your small kitchen doesn’t allow you to install a larger worktop, try to get a little innovative with the “add-on” options that are now widely available. For instance, there are now many different types of extensions which only appear when you need them. Some popular choices are worktops with raised worktop bar, slide-out table, and infill worktop sink. Consult with a reputed worktop supplier to know about these innovative ideas.

5. The layout of the worktop

No matter if you have an eat-in kitchen or a small galley-style kitchen, reconfigure the layout of the worktop for improved style and efficiency. As an example, the marble or quartz kitchen worktops depth can be extended from the standard 24-inches to maybe 30-inches for more space for cooking activities and keep the appliances.

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The worktop plays a crucial role in how your kitchen looks and how functional it is. While designing a small kitchen is not as easy as large kitchens, with a bit of innovative thinking and professional help, you can surely achieve impressive results. Remember these factors when selecting the worktop for your kitchen and you are sure to make the right decision.

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