8 Pendant Lights Ideas Perfect for your Living Room

8 Pendant Lights Ideas Perfect for your Living Room

Isn’t it all about glitz and glam when it comes to the fixtures and lighting of modern houses? Who doesn’t like their house and décor to be the talk of the town? Everyone does! And when it comes to light fixtures, pendant lights are a rage these days. Before you start overthinking, let us enlighten you what pendant lights are.

A pendant light is a light fixture that you see hanging on a chain, rod, cord, or any other kind of suspension apparatus from the ceilings. If you have home décor channels on your Frontier channel lineup, you must have seen them already. You would have also seen them in movies and reality shows.

If you have been entertaining the idea of revamping your living room, I suggest you simply invest in the lights alone. Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on décor items, transforming the lighting fixture can completely change the look of your living room like a breath of fresh air. You will have to consider suspension system, size, and the number of bulbs while determining the type of pendant lights to use in your living room. Let’s help you choose from the variety of these pendants.

Top 8 Pendant Lights Designs For Your Living Room

The avant-garde designers are creating new styles of pendant lights. And the trends keep changing. Consider the following designs while coming up with the lighting solution for your living room.

  1. Drum Pendant.
  2. Globe Pendant.
  3. Exposed Bulb.
  4. Bowl Pendant.
  5. Multiple Pendants.
  6. Abstract Pendant.
  7. Mini Pendants.
  8. Glass Pendant Lights.

Drum Pendant

They take their name from the shape of their shades. Cloth, sheet, or another material is stretched over a circular frame of metal to be fashioned like drums. These light fixtures are typically used for ambient or task lighting. You get to choose from a wide range of sizes and colors. They can give a stylish touch to your living room. Just remember this detail; dark-colored ones allow less light to pass through.

Globe Pendant

You can call these round-shaped pendant lights spheres, globes, or orbs. The round shape characterizes them. This luminous globe style lights trended back in the 1950s-‘60s. If you want to add a vintage touch to your living room, this has to be your pick. You can opt for a few of them to be hung at the same height. Or, you can hang a collection of these beauties in one place and make a bold statement. You can change the drop length as it suits you.

Exposed Bulb

A few years ago, this trend hit hard. And it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. These fixtures are best suited for minimalist and rustic décor. They will suit your living room perfectly. Also, they are budget-friendly because all you need really is a bulb. You can come up with great DIY ideas because of its minimal design. For task and ambient lighting, they can be a great option since they involve no shades. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to add life to your living room.

Bowl Pendant

Bowl pendants are perhaps the most universal type of pendant lights. The reason could be their functional and simple design. In the pendant family, the bowl variety is the most popular in task lighting. Inverted bowls are also used for pendant lighting. They cast light upwards instead of downwards and are a great option to create a dramatic effect. You can choose any form as your living room suits you. the good news is that you can find any size, shape, texture, and color in bowl-style pendants.

Multiple Pendants

This one is for adventurous people. You can hang a bunch of pendant lights to create your signature lighting installation. You can stack up multiple pendants to create various artistic arrangements. They look particularly snazzy over foyers but you can experiment them on tables in your living room. Just work on creating the right balance when it comes to hanging these light fixtures.

Abstract Pendant

Thanks to the lighting designers for challenging their creativity constantly and coming up with incredible and exciting pendant designs. They have given their full to employ their abstract art in creating these lighting fixtures. Abstract pendants are a unique construction of molded fixtures to illuminate in style. If you are looking for task lighting, in particular, they are not great for that. Consider abstract pendants for more decorative and ambient lighting. This artistic fixture will become the center of attention of your living room.

Mini Pendants

Mini-pendants are small versions of the standard pendants. The concept of ‘mini’ can be applied to the light bulb, fixture, or even the drop length. They are usually used for task lighting because they are small in size and tightly focused light sources. You can use them in a straight line/cord (evenly placed) or in clusters to provide overhead lighting.

Glass Pendant Lights

As the name indicates, the dark shades here are replaced by thick glass fixtures. The light can easily travel through glass and make your living room more illuminated. You can find as much variety in shapes of glass pendants as much as you have in Frontier Internet packages. That means a lot!

Whichever of these lights you choose, we guarantee that you will not regret investing in them. You are going to fall in love with the brightness and elegance they add to your living room!

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