8 Materials You can Use for Your Thanksgiving Cards Using the Die-Cutting Machine

8 Materials You can Use for Your Thanksgiving Cards Using the Die-Cutting Machine

The most common material used in die-cutting is indeed paper. But it is not the only one. There are many different kinds of paper and other materials that can be used in die-cutting. You can use these materials for making Thanksgiving and Christmas cards and other cool projects as well. So, if you are ready to explore, here are a few materials that you can get started with.

8 Materials You Can Use For Making Your Thanksgiving Card

1. Card Stock:

Not your normal kind of a paper, card stock is a matte finish, heavyweight paper that comes in a wide range of colors. Card Stock can weight anywhere around 50 to 110 pounds and the cardinal rule says that more the weight, better the quality of the paper. If you want to create a high-quality Thanksgiving card its best to opt the heaviest card stock in the market, as the material will easily hold the intricate designs together better. Apart from the die-cutting machine, you would need the dies, some profitape, dieboard in your arsenal to create the perfect card.

2. Vellum:

A different kind of a paper product, Vellum is translucent in nature and is as heavy as cardstock. Originally Vellum was made from animal skins, but now many manufacturers use paper pulp to produce it. If you want to use opaque papers in your Thanksgiving card, then Vellum is a great choice. Unlike the other heavier opaque paper, Vellum has an elegance that changes the whole look of the project. While you can die-cut Vellum just like paper, be careful while applying adhesive to it. As Vellum is translucent and opaque, there are high chances of the adhesive showing through the paper, ruining the whole look of the project.

3. Foiled Paper:

Foiled paper is not something that you haven't heard of and it can be used very well in die-cutting projects. All you need is the die-cutting machine, dieboards, some profitape, the foiled paper, and all the other materials for making the card. Metallic foiled paper like gold is quite popular now and it used in a range of creative projects. However, be careful while cutting the foiled paper as they are prone to scratches.

4. Cardboard or Chipboard:

If you think that the die-cutting machine will not be able to cut through heavier material like chipboard or cardboard, then you are wrong. A good quality die-cutting machine will be easily able to cut through chipboard with the help of steel rule dies. However, if you do not own steel die, you can also use good quality plastic dies as well.

Using chipboard will add more stability to the Thanksgiving card if you are aiming to create an elaborate one that we hold many more elements on to it like buttons, stones, decorative items, and much more. If you want some texture on your Thanksgiving card, skip the chipboard altogether and use corrugated cardboard for some texture.

5. Woven Fabric:

If you happen to work with steel dies, then boldly venture out of the comfort of paper and try something a little more sturdy like textiles. You can die-cut woven fabric for making cards, sewing projects, candy baskets, and so much more. There are many types of woven fabrics like silks, canvas, denim, twills, burlaps, and twills. If you work with low-profile dies, then go for the thinner fabrics like silk and pure cotton. However, if you happen to own steel dies, then you can easily work with heavier fabrics like burlap and denim. If the fabric you have to choose it distorting or stretching too much you can use a profitape or a stabilizer on the opposite side of the fabrics to keep it firm.

6. Felt:

Another wonderful woven fabric that you can use while making your Thanksgiving card, Felt is made by first condensing the fibers and then pressing them together. Felt is great for die-cutting purposes as it does not easily unravel or tear. Moreover, its matte surface gives off a cozy and homely feel to the whole project. It is very easy to cut felt with a manual die cutting machine. However, if your design has many intricate details in it, make sure that the fabric is not to firmly pulled, as it can break very easily.

7. Cork:

Have you noticed the instant texture of cork? This is what make sit easy to cut with a die-cutting machine. Surprised? Don't be.

Cork is another material that you easily use in your die-cutting projects. You can either buy from your local store or check online for premium quality cork sheets to use in your project. Try to buy the ones which come with adhesive backing. If that is not available, you can easily use the profitape to make the Thanksgiving cards.

8. Vinyl:

Another great material to work with is Vinyl. It is very popular among artists, who use a digital die-cutting machine. However, it can be easily cut on manual die-cutting machines as well. Give your Thanksgiving card a new look by using Vinyl die cuts on it, as they make great stickers. You can either buy vinyl sheets with adhesive backing or use dual-sided profitapes to create the stickers.

In Conclusion:

Thanksgiving is knocking at the door and you need to get on with your cards now. Use the materials listed in the article to create a unique card that would stand out from the crowd. Share your creations in the comment box below and let the world see your creativity.

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