7 Common Home Remedies that can help you in case of Dry Heaving

7 Common Home Remedies that can help you in case of Dry Heaving

After periods of vomiting, dry heaving is quite common in many people. In fact, it is one of the primary occur alone symptom or even the side effect of any prevailing medical condition. They are simply the results of underlying medication and sometimes of the situations.

Dry heaving is often considered as the commencing stage of vomiting. But there are times when it doesn’t actually lead to vomiting. We know that this is quite an unpleasant situation but the good thing is it doesn’t last for long when addressed timely and with some basic care.

But then again if the dry heaving is related to any particular condition, then it needs the specific treatment as well as per the underlying cause.

But for this post, we are sharing with you some common home remedies that can help you in case of dry heaving.

1. Hydration will help here as well

One of the first things to do is to keep you hydrated. Take the small sips of plain water very slowly to keep yourself hydrated. You can start with something like ice chips and even popsicles as they are very easy to consume.

2. Give a chance to ELECTROLYTES

Another thing to do as soon as your vomiting slows is to drink electrolytes. These drink beverages are rich in hydration salts and include many soup broths along with energy drinks. These oral rehydration salts can easily be prepared at home or you can even buy them premixed from stores. You can start by taking small slips and then increase the quantity as you get to adapt to it.

3. Relax and take rest

Another thing that can help is to just lie down with their head elevated. Next, you have to do is to take deep breathes. You just have to relax your body. Relaxing breathing has proved to be quite effective when it comes to minimising the symptoms of Dry heaving.

4. Food as you like

Here as you like means the food that can easily be tolerated by your body in this situation. Some people find the simple plain food very effective. Once the vomiting is all stopped, they usually resume eating plain and simple meals like toast, porridge, bananas, etc. These food are very easy to digest and also helps in reducing nausea.

5. Try some supplements

There are supplements which are easily available in the market and that can be used to reduce nausea. Ginger supplements have proved to be the most effective in this case. This natural thing is now one of the major ingredients of several anti-nausea medications. Other than that you can have chews, drinks and gums.

6. Go for simple and plain carbohydrates

Another thing you can do is to choose plain carbohydrates. The reason being they are very easy to digest. From plain rice to toast, from saltines to oatmeal, you can have these simple carbohydrates during this situation.

7. Aromatherapy

There are several studies that have proved that inhalation of some oils with ginger is also a strong remedy in this situation. Other than that oil which is the combination of ginger, peppermint, spearmint and cardamom can be used for the same purpose.

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