6 Natural Ways to Treat “Nausea” During Pregnancy

6 Natural Ways to Treat “Nausea” During Pregnancy

Nausea is quite common during pregnancy. Some women even associate it by the misnomer “morning sickness” which is the more popular way to address the problem. More than half of the pregnant women face it during the different stage of pregnancy. So are you too struggling with it and looking for some natural ways to treat it? Look no further, we have listed ways in which you can treat this naturally:

  1. Eat in small quantity but frequently:

Not eating properly will only worsen the problem of nausea. Hence it is advised to have smaller and frequent meals instead of going with conventional three meals a day. As soon as you wake up, you can have something. For that, you can fill your bed drawer with some dry snacks so that you can easily mitigate nausea.

  1. Say adieu to certain foods

One of the natural remedies that will help in case of morning sickness is to steer clear from certain foods. These include sweet foods, foods with high fats, greasy foods, foods that can produce gas in the stomach and spicy foods. It’s not the time to binge eat or experiment with something from “Indian cuisine”. Your diet should constitute meals high in proteins and low in fat. They should have enough carbohydrates as it is less likely to cause morning sickness. Another thing is to work on your eating habit which is to not accompany your meal with any beverages. You can have them separately.

  1. Say hello to ginger

Ginger is quite effective in curing the upset stomach. You can enjoy some ginger tea which can help a lot in soothing your stomach. Apart from that, there are many options like ginger ale of real ginger, ginger chews along with ginger preserves and many more.

  1. Keep moving

Exercise is another effective way to fight against nausea. This has proved to work in case of many women and they have seen positive outcomes within a short span of time. it can be a walk or mild run, a prenatal yoga class, etc. All you have to ensure is that you keep moving. Exercise not just helps in the situation of morning sickness, but it is quite effective in the healthy development of the baby as well. But you should always consult your doctor before choosing any exercise routine.

  1. Try to stay away from strong smells

There are many smells that trigger the morning sickness and hence you are advised to stay away from them. Cigarette smoke is primary amongst them. Even the aroma of perfumes can affect it. The smell of the food being cooked can trigger it as well, so if possible you can ask someone to help you in this situation. If it’s not possible, open the doors and windows of your kitchen to minimize the effect of these odors.

  1. Aromatherapy might work

This is quite contradictory to the point mentioned earlier. But the smell of certain elements helps in alleviating nausea. These include the aroma of mint, orange or lemon. You can even use a cotton ball dipped in scented oil under your nose.

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