6 Habits of Highly Efficient Dental Assistants

6 Habits of Highly Efficient Dental Assistants

When it comes to a dental assistant in the dental industry, what makes one a highly efficient one? Do you ever wonder why some assistants excel at their work, while others bounce from their practice to practice and feel unfulfilled? Therefore, what’s the difference and why should an assistant be valued in their practice. The fact remains that an experienced assistant goes through orthodontic courses for dental assistants alongside orthodontists in their clinic to polish their skills and meet the modern healthcare standards.

So what should the habits of effective and efficient dental assistants look like? Here’s some information for you.

1.Must be Proactive

Dental assistants have to work as a part of a team, but usually, they have to work under someone else. A proactive assistant is one who takes complete responsibility for their work, career, and choices. Actually, taking responsibility empowers a person and proactive people tend to accept the choices of others as they are. They often have the confidence to make the right choices for themselves, even when other peers may not agree with their choice.

When dental assistants go through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars with their orthodontist, it gives them an insight into all the cases that fall under orthodontic care. They learn the skills and work alongside experts when attending to patients.

2.Begin Your Career with the End in Mind

A highly efficient dental assistant also has a vision for their future. Do you sit down to think about your career goals? Where do you imagine yourself in the next three to five years or even 20 years? An efficient and effective dental assistant should know where they plan to work in the years to come, and how they plan to make it happen. Exactly why are you in the dentistry field? Do you wish to accomplish and earn a credential or license? You should also consider continuing your education.

The fact is that if you do not give this much thought, you will end up running the risk of looking back to twenty years and wondering how you got where you are today. This will give others the power to shape your career since you have no clue on your goals. Before you dive into the field of dental assistants, perhaps it is advisable that you develop a proper mission statement, which should focus on what you want to do with your career. This may also include the kind of practice you wish to work in, the type, size and the delivery of care.

3.Be Able to Prioritize

An effective dental assistant must also have the ability to say “NO” occasionally. During consultations, dental assistants should know that life balance is something important for the overall health. Although there are many things you could spend time on, you have to decide based on your priorities, personal mission, and values on exactly how you wish to spend your time.

Having this quality could also help you to be able to decide on the right kind of information you should collect from patients, prior to the meeting they have with the general dentist.

4.Ask Questions and Be a Good Listener

As you know, dental assistants are in the position of assisting others. For this particular reason, they have to be good listeners. If the hygienist or dentist asks you to do something, you have to listen to them carefully, ask them questions, and think it through. Also, remember it is always best to ask questions before you make a guess and things go wrong.

5.Be a Good Communicator

Communication is the key to countless things. Dental assistants have to communicate clearly in different areas. They have to communicate with all their patients about dental hygiene. They have to communicate with hygienists and dentists during procedures. Their role is to handle office matters, payments, and insurance. This also means their communication skills have to be up to the mark.

6.Stay Up to Date with Latest Technology, Procedures and Skills

Just like countless fields, dentistry remains a constantly evolving one. You have to make an effort and attend continuing education programs. Do not be scared of trying out new things. You should keep up with new trends in the dental field; equip yourself with the latest technologies, and the uses of braces or Invisalign. It is always best that orthodontists look at you as someone who is willing to improve and learn.

With such suggestions, it is a hope that you will be well on your way to develop the essential traits and habits to be a reputable, successful assistant. Keep in mind that your job is a critical one to the effectiveness of your dental office. Orthodontists will value your work and you should feel proud of the career path you choose!

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