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6 Best Nail Polish Tricks - Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind

6 Best Nail Polish Tricks - Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind

There is no woman who doesn’t love polished nails. To tell the truth, we all have nail polish preferences and we never leave our home without perfectly done nails. If we don’t have the time to get them done in nail salons, we do them at home. The second option is something I 100% support in comparison to having gel nails exposed in UV nail ovens.

Fortunately, there are completely healthy 7-free nail polishes on the market that give extraordinary results and keep the nails nourished and shiny. So, pick your best nail polish and get ready to learn some unbelievable tricks.

  1. Use A Cotton Swab and Bit of Vaseline

Rub a small amount of Vaseline with a cotton swab on the area around the nails before starting with the polishing. This will create an invisible barrier between the nail polish and the skin so that after you are done with the nail polishing you can easily wipe off the Vaseline and any excess nail polish around the nails. As easy as pie.

  1. No Chipped Nails? Here’s how.

It’s a very easy trick that works every time: paint two basecoat layers in this way – one on the top half of the nail and one over the whole nail. Wait for a few seconds for the first layer of basecoat to dry and then apply the second one. This will help your nails to maintain the polish on the nail tips longer and therefore will make them more prone to chipping.

  1. Use Tape to Design the Nails in Two Tones

Take two different nail polishes and paint one layer of the lighter nail polish on each of the nails then apply a shiny finale top coat. When it dries completely stick two stripes of tape over the tips of the nails but make sure they cross in the middle and create a point. Then use the other shade of nail polish, the darker one, and paint a layer over the nail and on top of the tape. When it dries, peel off the tape. The results would be amazing.

  1. Do Your French Manicure Alone with a Rubber Band

Rubber bands are extra useful. You can even do your French manicure with it. Tie it in the middle and loop one end over the thumb and align the other end over the top of the nail. Leave the edge uncovered to create the French tip shape. Be patient, though, as the nail polish needs to dry before you take the rubber band away.

  1. Roll Your Nail Polish Instead of Shaking It

Do this to avoid air bubbles in the formula. Hold it between the palms and rub them back and forth so that the polish can be stirred without creating air bubbles.

  1. If the Nail Polish Doesn’t Open, Soak It in Hot Water

Yes, so simple – instead of trying hard with your hand to open the bottle or using a cloth or perhaps your teeth (yes, I’ve done that when I didn’t know any better). Fill a glass with very hot water to cover the lid but not the bottle of paint. After a minute or two, remove it from and open the loose lid. No more dried nail polish!

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