5 Tips to Style up with The Right Jewelry

5 Tips to Style up with The Right Jewelry

Jewelery is like the perfect spice-It always complements what’s always there

How much we love to complement our dressing with the perfect piece of jewelry? But are you doing it correctly? Are you going a little overboard or wearing too less? Confused about how to do it, how to ascend your style with these sparkling beauties? Here are five handy tips that will help you to accessorize correctly:

  1. A new tweak with the layers of accessories:

The first and foremost thing while styling is to play with different shapes, textures, colors, and even contrasting lengths to make it look more appealing. You can incorporate that with creating the layers with the accessories like rings, necklaces, etc.

Layering necklaces are to use different lengths that can draw some eye. For instance, as per the trending bridal look, Rani Haar is layered with a necklace fitted to the neck like that of a choker. For something with rings or bangles, you can create pretty “juxtaposition” with different pieces. They can be matched or stacked in so many beautiful combinations.

  1. Less is more:

It is something that defines the essence of styling. You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to styling. You should know when to stop. For instance, if you are wearing a heavy earring, you can avoid wearing any neckpiece and vice versa. Also if you are drawing the attention with some beautiful layering of necklaces, you can avoid the whole stash of bangles or bracelets.

  1. Your accessories to complement your dressing:

How we are so particular about our dressing that we tend to decide it even before wearing it? Why don’t you apply the same to your accessories as well? Likewise, you can really decide on to which jewelry piece you are going to wear or what jewelry pieces go along with your dressings. All in all, try to ensure that your jewelry should complement your dressing and go along with your styling.

  1. Earrings for starters:

Earrings tend to become the part of accessory which everyone notices primarily. and hence they are quite significant. Therefore we advise you to be very considerate in choosing earrings. They should go along with the frame of your face, your hair, eye color as well as skin tone.

Also, all of us are “guilty as charged” as we tend to wear our favorite pair all around the year. But always remember that changing up your earrings is one simple way in which you can play with your style every day. Also, let our favorite pair enjoy some cleaning and rest for a while in the jewelry box.

  1. Some other handy tips:

On regular working days, even a simple or boring outfit can be tweaked with the right piece of jewelry. But we suggest that if your outfit is bold, and then go minimalistic with accessorizing. Another thing to be very considerate about when it comes to styling with jewelry is not to follow the trends blindly. Try to create something yours as they say “fashion can be brought but the style is all yours”.

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