5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Holiday Season

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Holiday Season

The holiday season is just standing at our doors. While we know how excited you are to spend some really good time enjoying and eating, too much of it might make you regret it later. Yeas, there are many studies that people tend to gain some weight during the holidays. Don’t let this curb all the fun. Here are 5 interesting ways that will help you to stay in shape while enjoying the holidays as well:

  1. Exercise is your savior

One of the most effective ways to lose body weight or to stay fit is to engage oneself in regular exercise. Yes, it’s the only key to maintain a healthy weight as well. But for these holidays when you are ascending your calorie intake, you need to increase your exercise time as well. For instance, if you do it for 30 minutes, make it 45. If you do your exercise on every alternate day, make it regular which is every consecutive day. You should also increase the intensity of your workout regime.

  1. A little cheat once for every day is allowed

Yes, killing the vibes for the holiday season is never a solution. Therefore, you are allowed to cheat a little, just once a day. You can treat yourself with a small serving of your favorite cookie or even a piece of maple candy. Just remember you have to burn those extra calories and balance out your calorie intake.

  1. Don’t let temptations sneak on you

Even the little sneak-peak of tempting foods might want you to hog over them then and there. Controlling the slightest chances of coming anyway near them can stop you from calorie intake. Though it is not possible to control every situation, you can take the lead for the situations in your hand. For instance, kitchens always have a set of drawers where you keep all your cookies and candies together and try to stay away from it. Also if you store them in your desk drawer or any place near your bed, you have to take that away. Just try to make sure that those places aren’t handy or easily accessible.

  1. Veggies and fruits are your best friends

Yes after reading the heading, you probably are going all mad but as a matter of fact, veggies and fruits are your best friends for the holiday season too. Eating a different kind of vegetables and fruits each day will make it easy for you to check on your calorie intake. You don’t want to waste all your efforts for so long in these few days.

  1. Have a little something before going to a party

Don’t just rush to a party all hungry. It’s better to eat a healthy snack like a handful of nuts, a serving of your favorite fruit, etc before going to a party. Also, when arrive don’t go and just “hog” over all the snacks. You can make some rational choices. Also, eating before going to the party makes you eat less of those high-calorie foods.


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