5 Tips to Nail the First Date

5 Tips to Nail the First Date

FIRST DATE... we know they give you both excitement and jitters at the same time. They are very tricky as you don’t know the person too well. This means you are also not completely aware of what they are expecting of you. Chances are you might ruin something so beautiful before it even begins. But no worries, we have got your back as we are listing 5 tips to nail the first date. They will surely help you.

1. Always be there on time

It is quite obvious but many people do overlook it and believe in making the dramatic entry a bit late. Being late on your first date doesn’t add to a good first impression. On a first date, it may turn out to be a total “TURN OFF” as you two don’t know each other too well yet. If you’re stuck somewhere or have a genuine reason, you need to inform your date ASAP.

2. Dress up for the occasion

This is especially a tip that needs to be done at man’s end. Girls or women tend to put some effort into their looks before going on a date. The thing that might come as a bummer is that they expect the same from you. This means simply looking fresh and clean. You can dress up according to the place you’re meeting. For instance, if it’s a bar, something casual will be fine but if it’s a fancy restaurant, formals are your go-to thing.

3. Be considerate in choosing the place

There is no doubt that you have to very careful and have to choose the place wisely. If the other person isn’t mentioning any particular place they want to meet at or wanted to go, then you can step in and make the decision. You can choose the place that is nice and comfortable and somewhere quite so that you can talk easily.

Also, girls love when you take them to any good spot they have never been to as it shows that you know your way around the place.

4. Be your best self

Yes, we know that you probably have heard it that you need to be all nice and pleasant on your first date. It is true but most importantly you have to be yourself. Yes, you don’t have to pretend too hard. Just be you and things will be fine.

Also, don’t just take out the anger or frustration of a bad moment or a bad day at work on your date. It’s all on you how comfortable and easy you can make it for them. So take the time and try to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Honesty and authenticity are appreciated

Dating is daunting and we all agree to it. But don’t forget that it’s not any job interview wherein you can fill up with some lies about the traits to fit in. There are a whole lot of subjects you can avoid but don’t forget to be your authentic self on your date. Don’t exaggerate on things or demean yourself. Try to make it more like meeting a new friend where you can be you, all you.

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