5 Tips to get the best performance out of your mobile application

5 Tips to get the best performance out of your mobile application

In the present era, the web application performance has become more critical when compared to the previous years. A recent report exclaims that more than five percent of the economy globally is available on the internet. Here a list of tips is provided; make use of it to get the best performance for your mobile application.

1) Applications should be secured with a Reverse Proxy Server

In case if a web application runs on the single machine, there are many chances for rising of critical problems. In order to clear these problems, it is always to best to get a faster machine along with the more processor, more RAM, a fast disk array etc. A new machine can run the Word Press server, Node.js app, and Java app etc. If there is access to the database server, then the solution might be too simple such as getting off faster machines and a reliable connection between the machines.

The machine speed might not be the problem. The web app can run slowly because a computer may be switching among different kinds of tasks. There is a list of tasks are included such as the several connections, accessing of files from the disk and running of the application code etc. Thrashing may happen such as running out of memory, making the requests to wait on a single task etc.

Role of a Reverse Proxy Server

A reverse proxy server is nothing but it runs the custom mobile applications and it handles any kind of internet traffic. It is directly connected to the internet and the overall communication with the app server is done successfully over a fast internal network. Just by using a reverse proxy server it entirely frees the app server.

Hence there is no any need to wait for the users to interact with the web application. The focus should be more on the enhancement of the web pages for the reverse proxy server in order to send across the internet. The app server which does not need to wait for any client response can run at the speed more or less closer to the ones in the optimized benchmarks.

2) Enhancement of a Load Balancer

A load balancer is an essential one where it creates a dramatic improvement in the major factors of performance and security of the site. Instead of making use of the core web server, one can go ahead with the load balancer in order to distribute the traffic across the servers.

What about the functionality?

Initially, a load balancer receives the internet traffic and forwards all the requests to another server. It supports many application servers just by using the algorithms in order to split the requests between the servers. The major theorem used is the round robin theorem where the new request is sent to the corresponding server on the list.

3) The inclusion of the major type of Contents

The content type used id the Cache content and the strategies involved are the pre-processing of the content for the faster delivery whenever it is needed. There are two different types of caching to be considered such as caching of the static content and caching of dynamic content. The JPEG, PNG and the code flies such as the CSS and JavaScript are included in the static content. Most of the web apps generate the HTML for each and every page. This type is known as the dynamic content.

4) Compression of Data

Generally, the compression of the data is a big potential factor. The effective compression standards used are the JPEG, PNG, MPEG-4, and MP3. These standards reduce the overall file size by the concerned order of magnitude. The text data includes the HTML, CSS and the Java script. This JavaScript is often transmitted as an uncompressed one. The compression of the data takes place for the clients with slower mobile connections.

5) Updating of Software Versions

One of the best ways to enhance the application performance is to select the components for the software stack based on the stability and performance. Newer releases attract more attention from the developer side and user community. Due to the building of the newer ones, there is a great benefit for the newer compiler optimizations. Yes, no doubt the new releases have more stability, compatibility, and high performance when compared to that of the older releases. Fixing of the bugs, security alerts are easier one when you take the option of the software updates. Make sure, that the mobile apps are updated then and there.

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