5 Reasons Tampa is Perfect for Family Life

5 Reasons Tampa is Perfect for Family Life

This is the time of year when so many northern families start considering what it would be like to get away from an area where it is virtually impossible to get outside to enjoy life if you aren’t into snow sports. You don’t like the cold, and the kids are certainly not excited about building snowmen after that first initial ice statue was erected sometime in late November or early December. It’s time to make a move somewhere warmer, but somewhere more family oriented than South Florida beaches, and cleaner than Southern California smog. So, where can you go? Here are five reasons why the Tampa Bay area is ideal for family life.

1. The Weather is Perfect All Year Long!

If you were to do research on the climate of Tampa, you would see that the temperature (highs) ranges from 70 to 90 degrees and has never gone above 100. There is no snow to contend with and literally, every day is a beach day. You wouldn’t want to be on the beach in a thunderstorm, obviously, but those are short in duration in Florida and they go as quickly as they arise.

2. Top Rated Schools

Not only are the public schools in Tampa rated highly, but there are several top-ranked colleges and universities in the area as well. Did you know that Hillsborough County is America’s 8th largest school district and a recipient of the Gates Foundation Grant? This is something that appeals to parents, and while kids may not appreciate it now, later in life when those academic accomplishments matter, they will! Are you ready to contact a Tampa real estate agent now? If not, read on. You will be before we are done.

3. No State Income Tax

Then there is the fact that the State of Florida does not tax your income. Also, there is no tax on food in Florida whereas, in neighboring Georgia, there is. Even property taxes are not as high as some areas in the country but, yes, they can be a bit steep compared to some rural areas. However, when you consider the savings in utilities because you won’t be heating your home six to eight months out of the year, that’s a huge saving when tallied annually.

4. Always a Celebration in Town!

From public fairs to church festivals, Tampa loves their celebrations. As a family-oriented community, you will find something exciting to celebrate just about every weekend of the year. Also, you will find that Tampa, although a rapidly growing metropolitan area, is cleaner than a large percentage of cities in the United States. It’s a great place to head out to all those street fairs because, well, it’s clean and green!

5. Less Congested Than South Florida

Finally, whereas South Florida has always been ‘the’ place to buy property, it has become just too congested. It grew faster than its infrastructure could support, but Tampa has made continued efforts to maintain and build roadways. Make no bones about it. Tampa is a big city, but it is more spread out than many cities in the country and much less congested.

There you have five really great reasons to relocate to the Sunshine State. With Tampa being the gem of the Sun-coast, this is one city you really might want to consider. Why not start with a family vacation this summer? If you aren’t sold now, you will be then.

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