5 Ideas to say “Thank You” to Wedding Guests

5 Ideas to say “Thank You” to Wedding Guests

While planning for your Indian wedding cards, you probably have been asked about the “thank you cards” by your designers of wedding invitations. The concept of “thank you cards” in India is quite new but many couples getting hitched are using it. It is one amazing way in which you can show your gratitude to your guests for their awesome company on your big day. For this post we are shortlisting 5 ideas for your Thank you wedding cards:

1. You may find it a bit outdated but writing wedding invitations are believed to be the best way to show your gratitude. It is said to be one of the best ways in which you can thank your guests for their presence on your big day. Along with this a phone call to them telling how much you appreciate their company on your wedding is way too personal and they will surely love it.

2. Another great idea that you can use to say thank you is by writing it on the wedding props. You can add the little personal notes with them as well and add it to your photos. Like you send the holiday cards with a beautiful photo, you can send these photographs as well to the wedding guests thanking them. This is a great idea and it will also allow you to customise the thank you cards. Adding the little personalised elements will make the guests appreciate it more.

3. Are you looking for ways to say thank you that is unique and funny? Well, we just have got what you are looking for. There is nothing more distinctive and funny to say thank you than saying it in a totally different language. Apart from saying Thank you in general English, you can use several other languages as well. It would be fun on their side as well to find the meaning of several different languages. And what could be better than letting them know such a beautiful word of gratitude in several different languages?

4. Thank you cards when accompanied with little personal treats add up to the best and amazing way to show your gratitude. It is one awesome idea to say thank you to your guests and telling them how much you appreciate their company on your big day. One of the best things you can do is to have customised cookies bakes with Thank you engraved on them. You can send these to your guests along with the Thank you cards.

5. Another thing you can do is to tweak your way to say “THANK YOU” by making it all fun rather than sticking with “formal manner”. It could be a picture of you holding props saying “thank you” or a picture of you with colourful and designed banners saying same. You can keep it all simple as well while getting your picture clicked. Thereafter you can send these photographs to the guests thanking them for their honourable presence.

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